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    We're done!

    It's been almost a week since we last nursed. I was kind of hoping for this moment and also dreading it. We were down to 1-2 sessions a day, and then we began to transition C into her own room. With...
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    Re: Adventures in Night Weaning

    I am in the process of completely weaning my DD. We started with the Dr. Jay's night weaning back when she was about a year old, and then on and off again, but then for a few months she was sick, or...
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    Re: How to plan for weaning at 12 mos

    Allergic colitis from what? If it's from dairy products, like it is for my LO, I wouldn't consider cow's milk for a replacement. My LO is still nursing for naps and nighttime, but she drinks soy milk...
  4. Re: Low Iron - Bad Eater - Loves to Nurse

    Caroline had low iron at her 12 month check up, and she is a GREAT eater, and nurses 4-5x a day/night. But she eats LOTS of solids, and has been a really big eater since she was around 10 months old....
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    Re: Soy Milk?

    I see that you are not going to go with soy, but I just wanted to respond. I gave my older two kids soy milk from the time they were 12 months till 2 years old. Not for any reason except that at the...
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    Re: Pump weaning questions

    Update: Friday with no pumping went FINE! I never did get engorged. Yay! Thank you ladies for all your help! I'm so relieved to be rid of that pump...I'm glad I was able to pump for as long as I did,...
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    Re: Pump weaning questions

    Ladies, you have made my night saying that I don't need to pump for the one minute tomorrow! :happytears LOL

    Thank you for all of your advice!
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    Re: Pump weaning questions

    Well, this past Monday, when I went down to pumping for only 5 minutes (after nursing for naps and such over the weekend), yes, I was DYING when I got home and *made* her nurse as soon as we got...
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    Pump weaning questions

    OK, I think I'm almost done with the pump...when I went back to work after Christmas break I dropped my sessions from 2x a day to 1x a day. Then I started decreasing the amount of time for that...
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    Re: "Picky" Eater

    Caroline has started taking less breastmilk (in bottles) as she increases her solid intake. I used to send 3 4 oz bottles daily; now I send 2 3 oz bottles and a sippy cup of soy milk along with her...
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    Re: Nightweaning

    I want to second my love of the Jay Gordon site...Caroline is *almost* 1 and was waking up every 1-2 hours to nurse all night long. So over Christmas break (I'm a teacher so I told dh it was going to...
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    Re: Used Pump - New accessories?

    I bought a used Medela pump from some stranger off the internet. I bought new tubing and some other new stuff, but I boiled the horns to sterilize them. I don't know, Medela's website will tell you...
  13. Re: OMG!6 months, 11lb1.5oz, Doc used the "F" word....!!

    Hi there - I'm not at all condoning smoking while bf, but I've been there and done that (sucks that I could quit while pregnant but just had to start back once the babies were born. Anyway, I nursed...
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    Re: Finger Foods...what age, successfully?

    Caroline just turned 8 months and really only eats finger foods. Strips of pears, sweet potatoes, broccoli spears, red potatoes, green beans, cheerios, zuchinni...she gets about half of what I give...
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    Re: Milk Supply Drying Out! :(

    Is this the first time that you've pumped less than normal? I have this happen to me twice randomly since I've been pumping. It's scary because I think, OH NO! but usually by the next day or the...
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    Re: Co-Sleeping and Nursing Poll

    Caroline starts out the night in her crib in her room (she goes to sleep between 7-8 pm. When she wakes up to eat (anywhere from 10pm to 3am) I go get her and bring her to bed with us. I say whatever...
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    Re: best cup for bf baby

    we've been "playing" with a sippy for several weeks now...only with water in it though. Just recently Caroline has figured out how to actually tip it up and get some liquid out. However, it's still...
  18. Re: 4 1/2 months EBF doesn't sleep through the night

    Hmmmm, have to agree with everyone else....my older two didn't STTN till they were maybe 2? Or 3? My 6 month old does not STTN either, and of course I'm totally not expecting her to, though she does...
  19. Re: Premarin Vaginal Cream and Breastfeeding

    You are applying it to the baby, right? I don't think that would have anything to do with YOUR milk production. I think what you were reading meant it might affect your supply if YOU were using it,...
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    Re: Not a big eater

    My son refused to eat solids from a spoon! He always wanted to do it by himself. I'd say if she's always been petite and she's reaching other milestones then it is fine. I'm sure going to the dr....
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    Re: Please help me remember...

    Thank you! We tried the avocado, and then tonight, some sweet potato. She's just not a fan of solid food right now...she made it quite clear! We'll try again later, lol.
  22. Re: Trying to figure out how to defrost frozen BM

    Those medela things to take forever to thaw! My DH gets so frustrated if I leave him a frozen one and the baby gets hungry and he has to make her wait to defrost it. I have stopped using them for...
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    Re: 2 or 3 pumping breaks during work?

    I'm a teacher and while my schedule is more flexible (I have a self-contained special ed. class with 3 assistants, so I can duck out when I need to) I still only pump 2x a day and get PLENTY. I nurse...
  24. Re: Concern about returning to work Monday!

    Oh, forgot to address the snacks issue...I always pack my lunch (because I am diabetic too), but I love the Zone bars for a quick snack or makeshift lunch if I have to. They are yummy!
  25. Re: Concern about returning to work Monday!

    I am a teacher and back at school for our Extended School Year session! During the regular year though I pump twice a day, at 9 and 1pm. I keep my milk in a cooler with an ice pack but keep my parts...
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