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  1. Re: 4 1/2 month old with teeth biting so sad

    I was about to post the same question...THANKS @Mercystreet for the links. I have a 9 month old with 8 teeth; 4 on top and 4 on bottom and lately all he does is bite and LAUGH!!! the little...
  2. Re: 6 months... milk supply seems to be dwindling

    Sometimes we miss "wet" diapers because of the super absorbent disposable diapers that are out in the market...unless you are using cloth diapers? also, baby may wet and then poop, so once again, the...
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    Re: will take only one side

    Some babies have a preference... What is she doing when you try to latch her to the right breast? I will def. pump if she is not latching, but try and work on getting her to latch.
  4. Re: 6 months... milk supply seems to be dwindling

    www.kellymom.com is the link that has all the evidence-based information on how much is suggested to bottle feed a baby. It also has a pamphlet on "How to bottle-feed a breastfed baby" that is very...
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    Re: Bottle help!

    agree with pp... For the concert...I would advice you take your pump with you, just in case it takes you longer to get home and/or your uncomfortable, then you can pump in the car. As for the...
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    Re: Need a pep talk

    You are almost there! :cheer I know how over whelming it is and the stress to find a trustworthy person to care for your baby. Are you pumping because you work, or because baby doesn't latch? if...
  7. Re: Help with Breastfeeding immedietly after you come home.

    The first 2-3 days babies are usually very sleepy and still adjusting to the outside world. Most babies are born with their internal clock backwards...sleep during the day and awake at night. Both my...
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    Re: Possible dumb question :)

    Yes, every two hours is from the start of the previous feeding. As baby grows they learn to suck more effectively and maybe that she doesn't have to nurse every 2 hours at this point. As pp said,...
  9. Re: 6 months... milk supply seems to be dwindling

    I agree with PP...I too work 12 hour shifts and even though I pump every 3 hours/20 min. My milk supply has dropped as well. I also introduced solids at 6 months, baby was not interested at all, so I...
  10. Re: Reasonable Break Time for Nursing Mothers- link for the

    That is GREAT!!! :clap
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    Re: 2 week old...looking for reassurance

    :p Totally normal. As long as the output is adequate and he is comforatble, then don't worry about it and just relax and enjoy your bundle of joy!
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    Re: Low supply with pump

    Had no time to reply on time.

    I am not pregnant. Had a C/S with Tubal ligation.

    I pump 3-4 times in a 12 hour day for 20 minutes.

    I've asked the care giver to feed solids first then milk,...
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    Low supply with pump

    My LO is almost 8 months old. I have exclusively BF since birth. went back to work when he was 10 weeks old and pump every 3 hours for 20 minutes (I work 3 days a week/12hours day) . The problem is...
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    Re: Nursing in Public

    I am in the same boat as you! came looking for advice. tagging along to see what other mommies can tell us :shrug
  15. Re: Nursing/Pumping Schedule (Working 8-4:30)

    :gvibes I work 12 hours/3 days ...I nurse before I leave to work (I live 8 miles from work), then pump every 3 hours for 15-20 min. 8:30, 11:30, 2:30, 5:30 (give or take 30min.) Then pick him up from...
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    Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    Every baby is different... Mine just turned 6 months on Wednesday and I am waiting for the Pedi appt. on Tuesday to start solids...very skin sentitive ?allergies. I bought the tommy teepe sippy cups...
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    Re: Sucking Fingers/ Hand

    :lol Agree pp. My son is 6 months and he sucks his thumb to sooth himself to sleep. He did start the hand mouth and finger thing at 3 months and last Saturday, he got his first tooth! not fussy at...
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    Re: We're not getting any sleep!

    My previous son woke up every 2 hours until he was 18 months. Co-sleeping was the only way I survived, especially as I work Full-time. I agree with PP, feed him right away, don't wait until he cries...
  19. Re: Anxiety and Depression about having to go back

    :hug I too went back to work when my previous son was 10 weeks old. It was the hardest thing ever, even knowing that he was well taken care of by my stepmother. It does get better as the days go by...
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    Re: Clinicals and new baby

    Where are you doing your clinicals? you may want to call them and see if they have a "Lactation" room. We have one at the hospital I work for and it has a hospital grade pump (Ameda), I...
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    Re: purchasing a breastpump

    I have the Purely yours. I used it with my previous son 2 1/2 years ago for a whole year, then my sister used it for 6 months and I used it again with my current baby. I work in a hospital and they...
  22. Re: Balancing work/mothering - can you help this mama (NB ma

    I work full time, but my schedule is 3 days of 12 hour shifts. The days that I work I am totally drained. Between work and pumping 4x a day I am totally exhausted. I rely on my husband and my 12 year...
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    Re: How to lie to your pediatrician

    every time someone asks me that question I respond with a smile "as often as he wants to, I don't have clock handy, nor do I wear a watch to keep track". I recently went to the pedi for my older son...
  24. Re: Has anyone used a Yoomi bottle? I'm a little panicked.

    I use preemie nipple from Dr. Brown on my Ameda bottles and the flow is much better and the size of the nipple is perfect. to works for us ;)
  25. Re: Feeding While I'm at Work... help/advice?

    The preemie nipple from Dr. Brown is ideal for BF babies, the flow is much slower than 0-3 months and they fit most of regular bottles. I use the Ameda bottles, since that's the pump I have. Do try...
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