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    Re: When did/will you stop NIP?

    Leila still NIP'd frequently at age 2 -- around 3 years old we began to wean from that, but ever so gradually.... There were a few times when she NIP'd at almost 4.
  2. Re: need idea's and your best NIP comebacks

    I printed a copy of my home state NIP legislation & the legislative comments -- also viewable in my blog: click my picture then look for the BF blog.... I fit it on 1 page, then shrank the copies so...
  3. Re: Going on 10.5 months but DH is against extended BF

    If there's any family history of digestive disease or breast cancer, then keep on going mama -- BF reduces risk for both you & baby.... Glad to hear you're both more together on this :)
  4. Poll: Re: What's the longest you bf your child for?

    I stopped producing milk after Leila turned 4 -- she still asks for Leche every once in a while: depending on the situation, I have let her try (not in public, not while I'm busy, not when it's an...
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    Re: Please advise

    Detta, I just wanted to say that you seem like a great lady for coming here to help your daughter & grandbaby out :) :hug
  6. Temas: Sns

    by @llli*Papooses

    Re: Sns

    What is SNS :confused: :o
  7. Re: After 18 months of BF still not ovulating - is this normal?

    Sheesh, I had no break from menstruation at all *HUMPH* It was back just like that! *SIGH*

    Have you had your regular annual pelvic exam :confused:

    Honestly, if you're experiencing anything...
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    Re: Ummm? Weaned?

    Thanks, Rebecca, that makes sense :) I did let her nurse today & I think that encouraged her to ask more :confused: :o I didn't mind until it obviously became a game to her ~ today has been extremely...
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    Re: Ummm? Weaned?

    Thanks for looking anyway :)

    She's my only ~ my guess is it's in response to some stress lately ... Daddy lives in another state while we're staying with my parents like we did when she was a...
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    Ummm? Weaned?

    OK, so Leila self weaned around her 4th birthday ~ she's almost 5.... A minute ago she asked to nurse :confused: This isn't the 1st time, but she's only done this recently :o Has anyone else dealt...
  11. Re: Wondering about nursing to sleep in the long run

    I nursed Leila to sleep until she decided she was a big enough girl without it since she'd started using the toilet around 18 months (although it wasn't until she was almost 3 that she stopped waking...
  12. Re: Mother's Milk organic tea. Do you drink it?

    I did & yes, it did ... but, it has a licoricey taste that I didn't like ~ I added milk & sugar.
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    Re: Superwoman

    Ahahahaha -- of course :cool: As long as it's just fantasy then it's healthy enough :lol

    But, does he understand how you feel?

    I've been a single mom, working full time, going to college &...
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    Re: inexpensive breatpump wipes?

    Huh. I never knew there were pump wipes. I wasn't successful at pumping except by hand (yes bare hands, LOL) but when I did try my Medela pump I just boiled the parts.
  15. Re: NEED HELP! 8 week old not sleeping at night!

    Hey there ... I'd prefer to think about this a bit before I post any advice (since it's been 4 years since mine was an infant :o) ~ I want you to know that you're not unusual or a "bad" mom because...
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    Re: constant latching

    Yep, very normal for the age & will change as he develops ... + one reason amongst many that I sooooo wish America had longer paid maternity leave (like Denmark who gives moms a full year + fathers 6...
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    Re: Caffeine while BF

    I didn't start drinking coffee (& have never been a soda drinker) 'til my SO came into my life last year when Leila was already weaning herlsef ~ he's an OBGYN so he's been hooked on multiple cups...
  18. Re: one year old and nursing vs. whole milk

    Hm.... My SO is OBGYN not Ped, but he's shared some blurbs from his Journal Watch medical updates stating that children don't need milk specifically as long as they have other sources of calcium &...
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    Re: Her Teeth are Killing Me!

    That's so cool ~ I'm in awe of you both!

    (My sister got pissed off when I mentioned she could try to lactate & nurse her adopted baby *SIGH* Nevermind the idea of me even of offering to do it...
  20. Re: Letter to Adeline On Her One Year Birthday ...

    :love :hug :love :hug :love :hug :love

    Beautiful ~ thanks so much for sharing....
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    Re: What is the longest BF toddler????

    Extended BF & AP news video from Europe >

    & on Dr. Phil there was a mom who BF'd her 5 & 7 year olds....
    (I didn't see, just heard about it & read...
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    Re: How do you do it?

    (((Aw, you 2 are beautiful Sherise!))) :love :hug

    *This is the 3rd time I've gushed over baby pictures within the last couple hours ~ it must be that time of the month :p :ita
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    Re: When did you introduce solids?

    Both my + my SO's textbooks say to wait 6 months or at least until the baby's birth weight doubles ~ If you have a family history of digestive ailments (food allergies, Irritable Bowel Disease, etc.)...
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    Re: How do you do it?

    (((FREE HUGS))) :hug

    I think the OP just described my family life during pregnancy & within the 1st year of DD's life -- I too started off with a 6 month goal, then 12, then 18.... Extended,...
  25. Re: When did your LO start "nursing" their toys?

    Ah, yes :love Leila's little black rag doll "PeppermintPatti" nursed for a couple sporadic months when *Mama* was about 12-18 months old :hug She also liked to sling Patti inside her velcro Zoo...
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