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    Re: I don't know what else to do :(

    He is nursing at least 2 times every 24 hrs, however about 4 days ago he started waking up in the middle of the night around 3 to nurse and sonetimes he will nurse once more during the day. And up...
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    Re: I don't know what else to do :(

    And the other thing sometimes he nurses less then 5 mins :/
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    I don't know what else to do :(

    My LO will be 11 months in a week, 2 weeks ago he started to not want to nurse during the day, only when he wakes up, before bed, and if he wakes up once in the middle of the night. He laughs at me...
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    Re: Hygeia pump

    So I think I figured it out, the smallest flange size for hygeia is 27mm and my medela flanges are 24mm so I am using my medela parts and it's working much better!
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    Hygeia pump

    So my medela pisa completely lost suction, so I purchased hygeia enjoye. The setting are different it doesn't have the let down suction when you first turn it on. I'm trying to do it manually but...
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    Re: Medela Or hygeia

    I just looked at reviews and actually just purchased the hygeia enjoye, I just get nervous it's a big decision! Thank you for your help :).
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    Medela Or hygeia

    So I have a medela pisa and it is a used pump and it has defiantly lost suction. I plan on continuing to bf well past a year. I'm really considering a hygeia, what advice can you ladies give me???
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    Thinking about bf after 12 months

    So my LO is 8 months old, I really proud of myself for making it this far bfing, I'm the only one in my family to ever bf, and I only have one friend that has bf. So I'm thinking about trying to...
  9. Re: Support on building freezer storage

    I pump right after morning feeding and also about 2 hours after he goes to bed at night, when I first started I maybe got 1 oz each time and now after being consistent I get at least 3 oz out of each...
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    Re: Pumping while driving/commuting

    I pump and drive all the time, I set my pump up and get everything ready, hook up my pump ease bra, then I turn on the pump and make sure everything feels right, then I put on a light weight thin...
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    Re: I think I'm angry....

    My little boy had a uri around the same age, his doctor told me to nurse as often as possible and no water. Also that breast milk would help losen things up.
  12. Re: 7 1/2 month old latch on has changed, and it's painful!

    He has two teeth on the bottom and I think he might be getting another because he's been rubbing his ears a ton, I just tried to nurse him and he's not nursing long now. But he didn't do that with...
  13. Re: 7 1/2 month old latch on has changed, and it's painful!

    That's a good idea, thank you for the help :)
  14. 7 1/2 month old latch on has changed, and it's painful!

    About two weeks ago my son has started to latch on, put both hands on my chest, and push off as far as possible. Well because of this he is literally on the tip of my nipple and it is starting to...
  15. Re: 1st time breastfeeding momma! Need

    No, he acts fine after he spits up, I just have a laundry problem :)
  16. Re: 1st time breastfeeding momma! Need

    Thank you sooooo much for all the advice! I feel like we're doing better already!
  17. Re: 1st time breastfeeding momma! Need

    I do feed him when he is hungry but I also offer every 3 hours regardless if he ate 2 hours or 30 minutes prior. When I left him yesterday I had an ounce for every hour I would be gone, do you think...
  18. Re: 1st time breastfeeding momma! Need

    I'm always soaked! Thank you ladies for the suggestions I'm going to test them out hopefully something helps because I'm getting very discouraged :(
  19. Re: 1st time breastfeeding momma! Need

    So should I feed every 2 hours instead of 3 since I'll only be giving one side? And no he hasn't been checked for reflux.
  20. Re: 1st time breastfeeding momma! Need

    We he first latches on he chugges without a break. Should I not feed on both sides and maybe try 2 hour block scheduling?
  21. Re: 1st time breastfeeding momma! Need

    Yes I do spray because he will pull off sometimes when it sprays. I started pumping week 4 to try and slowly build my supply up for work. And I tried the block feeding for almost a week and his...
  22. Re: 1st time breastfeeding momma! Need

    When I was doing the 3 hour block feeding he would by the end of the 3 hours every time. Now the I'm doing both sides again he will once in a while but not often.
  23. 1st time breastfeeding momma! Need help

    Hi, my little boy is 6 weeks old today. Since day one I've been breastfeeding, it went perfect for the first week and I was certain that it was going to be easy from that point on. However after...
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