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    Re: Irregular cycles?

    Hmmmm. Yes. I have the same thing happening now. 6 months pp, AF returned this month for 7 days on, 7 days off and now on again for 6 days and counting. Hoping that its just my body trying to...
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    Distracted 4 mo..Do I need to pump?

    Just wondering if I should pump her missed daytime feedings? It seems I have been here before and I did pump once a day I think. Otherwise, I do not pump..she won't take a bottle anyway! For...
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    Re: Which pump?

    I do not own a PIS but I have used one, so I can compare what I have experienced. My favorite hand pump is Definitely the Avent ISIS. I am EBF my 4 month old and only pump for nights out, so it...
  4. Re: She grabs/claws at her ears while nursing...

    Same here. Started at 2 months with Katelyn. Since she has discovered how to control those fingers she figured out how to snap my bra straps. Kinda funny.
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