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  1. Re: Caffeine and symptoms of intolerance?

    To mommal: I am definitely considering the oversupply. Thank you so much for the input.

    An update: We changed how we approached the rash and in less than 4 hours overnight, it was almost...
  2. Re: Caffeine and symptoms of intolerance?

    To mommal: I completely understand. Even though my diet has consisted of dairy, etc... all along; would symptoms of allergy just start showing up now?

    To mtmama: I did not think that of your...
  3. Re: Caffeine and symptoms of intolerance?

    Oh, of course. I keep a log of his diapers and will continue to monitor. So far it has been very little and obviously not in every diaper. I'm really just curious if an excess of caffeine could...
  4. Caffeine and symptoms of intolerance?

    Hello all!

    Background: Baby is 7.5 weeks old. He is a happy baby and is gaining well. We battled green poops early on but block feeding solved that issue.

    Over the past 2 days or so, he has...
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    Possible Mastitis?

    Hello all. This is my first post and I'm happy to be a part of this forum. My son is 5.5 weeks old and our breastfeeding relationship is great! He's a big boy and gaining beautifully (9lbs 2oz at...
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