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  1. Re: combining nursing and solids - timing

    Yes, right now she is eating only 1-2 times a day solid food which usually consists of rice cereal mixed with apple sauce, bananas or peaches and then a veggie like sweet potatoes or squash or green...
  2. combining nursing and solids - timing

    I heard that you are supposed to nurse and offer solids at the same meal period, but I am finding that one or the other fillls my 7 mos old DD...is it ok to wait 1/2 hour to 1 hour inbetween both?
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    Fresh banana ok?

    I have some slightly overripe bananas that I want to mash up for my 7 mos DD. Is that ok for her?
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    Won't open mouth to eat

    My DD is just over 6 months old. I tried rice cereal at 4 1/2 months with no interest. She is starting to show interest, but barely opens her mouth to eat and doesn't seem too hungry when I try to...
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    using frozen milk

    I pump on average 1 milk bag a day in addition to feeding my 4 month old dd. I plan to use the milk in her cereal, but only need a small amount of each bag. How long will the rest of the milk last...
  6. Keeping 4 month old Bottle trained

    I missed a couple of days feeding my dd the bottle once a day and now she won't take it. How important is it to keep her trained on the bottle. I am a sahm so I don't really need her to take it...
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    Re: Need to increase my milk

    Thank you for your help. The only reason I'm feeding 4 instead of 3 hours apart is that we have done Baby Wise with both our girls and it has worked great. She is sleeping longer naps during the...
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    Re: Need to increase my milk

    Would it be better if I breast fed her at 3 1/2 hours instead of 4 for now until it increases?
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    Re: Need to increase my milk

    I feel I am decreasing because I don't feel that "full" feeling throughout the day like I used to where I almost leak. When I pump it seems less quantity too. Also, in the last two feedings of the...
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    Need to increase my milk

    What can I do aside from mother's tea, oatmeal, and rest? My dd is 4 mos old and I can feel that my milk is decreasing. I am a SAHM so I nurse her most feedings (1 bottle a day of my milk). I pump...
  11. Re: worried about weak latch after 2 1/2 weeks of great latch

    She is 3 weeks old this Thursday. She finally has had 2 more wet diapers and latched on properly 2 times!
  12. worried about weak latch after 2 1/2 weeks of great latch

    My DD starting last night started having a weak latch not seeming too motivated at the breast, but once I stop she cries. Plenty of milk so I know that isn't the issue, but I'm concerned why she...
  13. Waiting period after alcohol beverage?

    We are attending a BBQ this weekend and I may have 1-2 alcohol drinks. How long from the time I have the drink do I need to wait to breast feed? If I pump once, will the next milk be ok?
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    One sore nipple, the other fine

    My left nipple gets a small straight scab on it from the way my dd sucks. The other one doesn't hurt a bit. I make sure she is all the way on, but each suck hurts worse than the last. I use...
  15. When to start bottle w/ breastmilk

    I want my husband and 3 year old daughter to be able to feed my new baby girl with my milk from the bottle. I waited 6 weeks with my first and it took her almost a month to take the bottle. I heard...
  16. Re: Breast feeding after scheduled c-section

    Thanks that is helpful. I am having the c-sect tomorrow and am either 38 or 39 weeks (due date is 5/15). I'm only having one due to having had an emergency c first time around and hospital does not...
  17. Breast feeding after scheduled c-section

    I am having my 2nd baby this Friday by scheduled c-section. Since I'm not actually going into labor, I'm concerned about my body not being ready to breast feed quite yet (due date in a week). ...
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