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  1. Re: 5 months old, just started spitting up, mucus in diaper

    Green mucus can signal a sensitivity in the baby to a food you have eaten recently.

    BB had the same thing early on and it turns out once I cut milk out (even lactose in the Singulair I was...
  2. Re: Early induction..will my milk come in on time?

    I was induced at 37w6d and my milk came in just fine about two days after delivery :ita
  3. Thumbs up for Organic Mother's Milk Tea

    I tried Organic Mother's Milk Lactation tea over the past week after wondering if the medication I was on had been decreasing my supply.

    I want to give two thumbs way up and recommend this tea to...
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    Re: Someone please help.

    Hey! I'm :nak

    Sounds like she is going through a growth spurt! It's completely normal for them to want to eat CONSTANTLY and be somewhat fussy for a couple days while they're going through a...
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    Re: Decreasing Supply or Normal?

    I also wanted to add I've been increasing my water intake and for the last two days have had no caffeine :yikes

    Does being dehydrated decrease your milk supply?
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    Decreasing Supply or Normal?

    Our son is a few days over two months old. The past week or so I've noticed what seems to be that my milk supply is decreasing.

    I went on the FAQs and it said something about the body regulating...
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    Re: bottle question

    From my experience as long as you have a well established milk supply (usually 3-4 weeks after birth) introducing a bottle should be alright. There is still a chance your baby will prefer the bottle...
  8. Re: What do you all think of the lactation teas?

    I don't understand why this was moved to increasing milk supply. As I stated, I don't have an issue with supply. I just wanted to know if there was any benefit for our nursing since I'm not having a...
  9. What do you all think of the lactation teas?

    I received to Nursing Mom tea bags as samples for Yogi teas. I don't have a problem with milk production so I'm not sure if they would benefit us.

    What do you all think or what have your...
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