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    something new!

    First I would like to say congrats to those that are making milk and keep going to those of you not there yet! Now this is for all mommy's out there. I have started a new blog site...
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    considering sns?

    there is this lady on ebay that is a medela distributor and she sells the sns tubing also and its only 5 bucks. Since I couldn't afford the sns system itself I figured I would order that and give it...
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    Re: 4 Months and trying again

    You and I are kinda in the same situation. My son is 4 months old too and I'm still trying to get him back to the breast. The pumping is going ok I'm still not getting as much as I would hope for but...
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    So today I pumped like usual and normally I get about half an ounce all day and this has been going on for a couple of weeks which is very discouraging but today when I pumped I got a full ounce...
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    Re: dom and pumping questions

    I think you have the wrong person:o I'm not pregnant, but thanks for the website
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    dom and pumping questions

    So the last two days have been really bad as far as pumping goes since i have been moving out of my apartment and into my house. So now that things have dramatically slowed down in my house hold I...
  7. Re: discouraged and frustrated

    Thanks those are really good suggestions. I guess sometimes I don't put in as much time as I should due to three children running around and keeping up with playdates but I will definately try to be...
  8. discouraged and frustrated

    I have been pumping for almost 3 weeks if not longer and my supply has not increased. Since I have been taking the fenugreek I have been getting sprays of milk but the milk flow only last for 2-3...
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    Re: fenugreek

    So positive news! I'm getting sprays now, no longer just drips. I'm still not getting more than a half ounce if even that much but its sprays! I'm so excited! Thanks guys for all of your support, I...
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    Well I started taking fenugreek yesterday and I have not had any adverse effects. I know it takes a few days for the fenugreek to start working but it has a funny side effect; my armpits smell like...
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    Good news!

    Well I have been pumping for 4 days or so and since yesterday I have been feeling a warm kind of tingling sensation every few hours in my girls! I still have not been producing much milk but I'm...
  12. Re: Average Time for Relactation to Start!

    That really stinks you had such a hard time with the fenugreek. My lactation consultant told me to try it too but I'm really skeptical about trying different herbs and things so first I'm going to...
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    I had a set back

    So today I have not pumped at all. The baby had a WIC appointment today and I ha so much running around to do. Then I got a flat tire somehow and ha to try and change that myself but to no avail...
  14. Re: relactation, any help would be great!

    Great news! My son just latched on a few times! He was a little frustrated when mere drops came out but he latched on for about 45 seconds then I tried the other side after he ate from a bottle and...
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    Re: is it possible?

    When you find out how to do the supplementer thing let me know! I'm going to look at nipple shields today to see if that helps with the confusion. Wish me luck! btw I'm a proud USAF wife too!
  16. Re: relactation, any help would be great!

    So guys I pumped last night for about 15 minutes and was able to fill the bottom rim of the bottle! I have pumped twice today, due to pump again in an hour and a half. I do have a double pump that is...
  17. Re: relactation, any help would be great!

    Thanks so much! I didn't realize there were so many other women out there like me. I'm going to pull out the pump tonight. I have a feeling I'm going to need all the support I can get. I'm so glad I...
  18. relactation, any help would be great!

    I have a beautiful baby boy whom I breastfed for three and a half weeks. Though he was my third child he was the first I attempted breast feeding. My mom was my only support and she was not very...
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