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  1. Re: Any advice for 12-month old who doesn't eat?

    He seems to be developing normally. His height is good, about 50 percentile. But his weight is below 10 percentile. He is cruising and starting to sign and respond to verbal commands.
    Thanks. I...
  2. Any advice for 12-month old who doesn't eat?

    My 12-month old (almost 13) won't eat any solids! Between him and a very finicky 3-yr old, I'm going out of my mind. I'm still pumping and giving him formula (about 15-20oz a day), because he won't...
  3. Re: slow start to solids - are we on the right track?

    I'm having similar issues with my 10-month old and glad to see I'm not alone. Was going to put a post to see if anyone had any ideas too. Started pureed foods around 7months, and he just never...
  4. Re: Weaning - how to offer milk instead?

    Thanks all for the suggestions! We'll see how he does with music mom putting him to sleep.
  5. Re: Weaning - how to offer milk instead?

    I'm going to be away for a week. I'm worried if I continue to nurse him at night and early mornings, he'll be in shock and throw a fit when I'm away. When he woke up at 6am this morning, I tried...
  6. Weaning - how to offer milk instead?

    My DS is almost 12 months old and I'm trying to wean him off. He never took the bottle well, so during the day he drinks from a regular cup and I nurse him at night to sleep and in the...
  7. Re: 12 week old DD has refused her bottle - suggestions?

    Maybe she's really not that hungry since she's feeding at night (reverse cycle)?
    My LO refused the bottle for a while, and is just now starting to take it better. Grandma figured out that he drinks...
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    Problems with bottle

    I started working last week and the grandparents are watching the baby during the day. My 4 month old (weighs around 13lbs) is still refusing the bottle. We've tried different nipples and bottles,...
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    Re: still a slow grower - frustrated

    We're going thru the situation! I'm so frustrated with my LO (he's 3 months old). I took him for a weight check and he was about 1 lb lighter than what I expected based on his prior growth rate (I...
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    Re: Possible drop in milk supply?

    Thanks for the advise.
    I still have a few months before going back to work. I was pumping because I wanted to build up a stash way ahead of time, but perhaps I'm giving myself more work and stress...
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    Possible drop in milk supply?

    I'm getting a little concerned that my milk supply has dropped this week.
    My LO is 8 weeks old and I've been bfeeding from the beginning (about every 2.5 -3 hrs). In order to increase my milk...
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