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  1. Re: Help: chemistry lab work and bf safe

    Thanks for all your replies and your help, these are some of the substances. From the msds some of them look pretty nasty but there is no info on breastfeeding safety

    Tetramethyl ammonium...
  2. Help: chemistry lab work and bf safety

    Hello, I just started my new job and discovered I have to work with toxic substances in the chemistry lab. Are there here mums who work in chemistry labs who could help me understand if it is safe to...
  3. Re: Suggestions to get 6 month old to ga

    Hello, here in Switzerland where I live babies are started on solids at 5-6 months starting with vegetables (usually a puree made of half potato and half vegetables) and fruits, then at 6 months also...
  4. Can one night sleep harm my supply?

    I did not have a decent night of sleep since more than one year and recently DD ( 7 mo) is waking a lot at night so I am so awfully tired. She still nurses at least 3 times at night if not more, I...
  5. Back to work questions, please help!

    Back to work at 80% mid november, still need to decide if I want to take one full day or two afternoons off. Driving time is 45 min one way. What would you think would be better for dd (7 mo)? She...
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    Re: Time to go back to work

    My dd was also refusing bottles, well in fact she did not really understand what she had to do with them :) . I managed to make her accept them by first nursing and as soon as she stopped sucking...
  7. Re: Pumping at work with low supply?????

    Thanks mamas for your answers. I looked at medela size here in switzerland but it seems they don't sell the PIS or PISA here, only Freestyle. Is this one as good?
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    Re: Slow milk flow - only one 'stream'

    Not that I want to convince you to use the SNS if you don't feel like, but using it to supplement does not need to add extra time at the breast. In fact you could just set it up at the beginning of...
  9. Pumping at work with low supply?????

    Hello, my DD is 6 months old now and I should be back to work in a month or so. In the last month we needed about 4-7 oz fomula supplement in order to have a correct weight gain and diapers output. I...
  10. Re: Baby refusing bottles of BM! Help!

    I noticed that my dd does not take the bottle when the milk is not warm enough, definitely she does not like her milk to be below body temperature...
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    Can I reuse heated breastmilk?

    Hello, I started to pump to increase production and give the milk I pumped during the day to my LO in the evening or the day after. I store the milk in the fridge right after pumping and warm it to...
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    Re: Snacking baby - help!

    My DD born one month preterm did about the same at that age, then started to sleep longer stretches at night, even sometimes 5 hours, at about 10 weeks, but still nursing every hour or so in the day....
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    Re: Can't Maintain Milk Supply

    Hello, maybe this was already in the PPs anyway with DSwho did not latch well I found useful to use an Supplemental nursing system (I had medela but there are others too) instead of bottles.helped...
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    Re: Holding his pee?

    My 4 months old dd also is dry when she wakes up at 3am, usually then she pees right after nursing...
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    Re: Stinging pain in one breast

    Thanks for the replies. It might be vasospasm from the description, however it went away when I stopped pumping last week...
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    Stinging pain in one breast

    Hello, I bf my 3 months old and most of the time I have no pain in breast/nipples, but occasionally I have a stinging pain in my "good" breast (the one that produces more and where dd nurses more). I...
  17. Re: Had to give her formula this evening...

    Hello, i don't want to think we made it already, but I did not have to supplement during the last three days..I counted and weighed diapers, 5 wet with 80-120 ml per day, which should be ok according...
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    Re: Hands free kit?

    Thaks to all for your replies! I'll see what will fit me best!
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    Hands free kit?

    Hello I see that many pak and also read about a hands free pumping kit,can someone tell me what it is and how I can get one?
  20. Re: Had to give her formula this evening...

    Hello, thanks for all your replies. We were travelling last week with only very scattered internet access, which I used mostly for reading your posts:rolleyes:. I tried once to post but lost my...
  21. Had to give her formula this evening...

    Well it finally happened...as I said in my other post I was feeling I did not have enough in the evenings, but today I felt dry since the morning and struggled through the day with dd nursing every...
  22. Re: Dry in the evening, baby hungry - help!

    Hello, thanks for he encouragement,:ita I feel better knowing that even mamas with oversupply may feel dry sometimes...DD was 2.4 kg at birth, was down to 2.16 after 1 week (the first 4-5 days was...
  23. Dry in the evening, baby hungry - help!

    Hello, I am EBFing my 10 weeks old daughter but lately I am quite dry in the late afternoon and evening and she is hungry. Sometimes I manage to pump during the day and keep some milk for the...
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    Re: is it possible?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I have been having a hard time wity bf myself but hope my experience can help you. Both my babies started being supplemented with formula at the hospital. The first...
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