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    Re: Hand-expression

    haven't found a hands-free bra that I like and I have the Medela Freestyle, so it's a hands-free set-up if I remember the bra clips. thanks for the encouragement!
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    Going on 30+ months of collective breastfeeding experience, I'm wondering if there are other techniques for hand-expression. I can usually manage one let-down and get 4-5 oz out (that's total from...
  3. Re: Pregnant, 1st child, looking for the best pump

    I have the Medela Freestyle. It's going on 18 months of use (two different kiddos) and works well enough. However, knowing what I know now I think the PISA would have been a better choice.
  4. Re: Anyone Pump at work past the 12 month mark?

    Hmm, I'm pumping at 6 months postpartum and I occassionally get a comment too. AND I work in healthcare. Lucky for me there's quite a few pumping moms in our department and we kind of support each...
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    Re: Any other RN's out there?

    I work as an NP now, so more regular hours than with my first child.

    With baby #1, I pumped for an entire year. I worked 12 hour shifts 3 days/week then as a floor RN. I had a little freezer...
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    Re: Pumping chit chat 3

    Does anyone have a good video for compressions? I've watched the Stanford one, but my technique is different. Wondering what other moms out there do.
  7. Re: My Baby is Eating More Than I'm Pumping!

    I'd also suggest an occassional "power-pump" session when you can fit it in...sit on the couch, turn on some relaxing TV or read a good book and pump for 2-3x's as long as you normal do. It normally...
  8. Re: Too many feedings... too LITTLE sleep!! (help!)

    I would definately try the suggestions in No Cry Sleep Solution...make it less fun to be awake (keep the nursing session short, try putting him down still a little awake, take your nipple from his...
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    Re: Reverse cycling

    One more idea: see if he is willing to take smaller bottles more frequently during the time that you are gone. You might be able to get another ounce or two in during the day.

    With regards to...
  10. Re: Balancing work/mothering - can you help this mama? (NB

    I'm a working momma too, and I find one of the most useful things is to ask myself is "when I'm 80 years old, will I look back and think I was a good momma or gee, I kept a clean house?" I have let...
  11. Sticky: Re: Maximizing Production When Pumping

    Have you tried leaning forward? Are you getting good sprays or just dribbles of milk? If you're getting just dribbles, try moving your fingers further back on the breast a centimeter or two...or...
  12. Re: What can I do before baby 2 increase

    If you haven't yet, check out Dr. Morton's video out of Stanford: http://newborns.stanford.edu/Breastfeeding/MaxProduction.html. Essentially, Dr. Morton found that emptying the breasts of colostrum...
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    Re: Time to Rent a Pump?

    Oh, one other thought. SOmetimes I'll just pump 1-2 times per day and get more out overall than when I pump 2-3 times during the work day. It seems that if I spend 30-45 minutes once or twice...
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    Re: Time to Rent a Pump?

    I too, sometimes struggle to empty my breasts with each pumping. First, you are doing a GREAT job. It helps sometimes to remember that as moms, we do all we can and that's the limit. Second, try...
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