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    Re: How do you start solids??

    Yeah, I tried the mashed banana thing a few times - even mixing it with oatmeal - and it has yet to go over very well - although the other day he took a small bite with more interest. And my homemade...
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    Re: How do you start solids??

    You're very welcome!

    Mashed potato sounds like a great first food - just make it really soft/runny, and perhaps mix in some of your own breastmilk. And how fun to do it on Thanksgiving for a...
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    Re: How do you start solids??

    It is kind of overwhelming to start solids - I know, having just done it with my guy two months ago! You just get into a good routine breastfeeding then you feel like you have to add this other thing...
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    Re: Only likes sweet foods

    I just read a fabulous book called "Feeding Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Program for Healthy, Safe Nutrition" by Alan Greene, MD. In it he says that many babies take six to ten introductions to a...
  5. Re: substitutions for rice cereal?

    I started my DS with baby oatmeal mixed with EBM - I thought it tasted better than rice cereal. If you want to use storebought grain cereals (b/c of vitamin and iron fortification) you can also get...
  6. Re: Gagging on homemade applesauce but not storebought!

    It's applesauce I make for myself and LOOOOOOOOVE!!! But perhaps the tartness is bugging him a bit. It's not Granny Smith apple tart, though...
  7. Gagging on homemade applesauce but not storebought!

    Please give me some advice/input! My DS who is the equivalent of an 8-month-old gags and even sometimes throws up when I try to feed him my homemade applesauce - but loves the storebought baby stuff....
  8. What are you feeding your 7-8 month old?

    Hi Moms - I'm a first time mom whose son is about 8 months (gestationally - he was a preemie). We're into solid foods now - some homemade, some store-bought, and I'm just wondering what other moms...
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    Re: What to say to family???

    Wow, that must be so frustrating! And in front of just mother and sisters? I'm so sorry! I agree with the others, that perhaps a semi-sarcastic reply of "no, thanks, I'm comfortable right here" is in...
  10. Re: Nursing to sleep-- frequent night waking--too distracted to nurse--HELP PLEASE TH

    I'm dealing with this with my DS somewhat right now - mostly in the mornings. Like, I know he's not hungry at 5am if he just ate at 4am. Or at 5:30, or at 6:00...

    Like you, he sleeps in a...
  11. frequent night wakings due to burps stuck?

    My DS (almost 6 months old, 4 months adjusted - he was a preemie) wakes up 1-2 times a night to eat. My problem is that it has become increasingly difficult to get all his burps out.

    I usually sit...
  12. Really need advice and encouragement

    My DS who's now five months old (3 months gestgationally) has been struggling with acid reflux for two months now. We have him on both Prevacid and Zantac now, and while not completely resolving the...
  13. Re: Any babies out there reject bottles?

    First off, I think it's important to do what's right for you and your husband. Some people feel very strongly that no bottles should ever be given, some are really happy to be able to feed by both...
  14. Breastfeeding and exercise...

    So I'm wondering about beginning exercise again and its potential effects on my breastmilk/supply. Before delivery, I worked out 3-5 times a week - cardio and weight training. Then I was surprised by...
  15. Any known causes of poop color change?

    My DS, now about 4 wks gestationally (born 9 wks early), has been pooping pretty much standard mustard yellow/orange seedy poops since my milk supply evened out with his needs. Now all of the sudden,...
  16. Is it OALD or food sensitivity? Please help...

    So I am flummoxed and frustrated. My little guy will sometimes have nice, quiet nursing sessions, but more frequently he'll nurse for 3-5 minutes, then pull off. I'll burp him, get a big burp, and...
  17. Re: Help talk me down please/long/need support

    Be patient! My DS was born at 31 weeks, and began having green stool as soon as we got him home from the hospital - freaked me out b/c it was orange before. But in a week or so, it turned back to...
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    Food sensitivities?

    How do you know if/when a certain food might be triggering a problem for your baby? If you haven't eaten it for awhile and then eat it, how soon does it show up in your BM and cause a reaction while...
  19. Re: Not back to birthweight at 2 weeks...

    If there's a concern your baby isn't getting enough hind milk, have you considered pumping for a few minutes before nursing to draw off the early milk, then nursing? Then you wouldn't have to give...
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    Re: Milk Supply Question

    I don't know what to tell you about the waking up issue - it sounds good that she's gaining weight, though.

    But as for pumping, don't think that just because you pump you have to give a bottle....
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    Re: Fussy while feeding

    I don't know if I have any good answers for you, but it sounds similar to what my DS was doing a week or so ago. For us it spontaneously resolved, but one of my friends said it sounded like...
  22. Re: HELP with wide-awake nighttime feedings!

    I would be fine with not changing his diaper - but he won't wake up ENOUGH to feed without a change... Plus, I don't know if it's wet/poopy without undoing all of his three layers of clothing, so at...
  23. HELP with wide-awake nighttime feedings!

    Hello everyone! My little miracle son was born prematurely 9 weeks ago and has reached his term due date this week! He's been home for four weeks now and weighs close to 7 lb. (He was 3 lb 10 oz when...
  24. HELP with wide-awake nighttime feedings!

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    Re: When to give a bottle...

    I realize that every baby is different, but my son, born at 31 weeks and discharged at 35 weeks, (and is 40 weeks this week!) was taking a bottle for 5-6 feedings a day and nursing for 2-3 feeedings...
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