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    Re: moral support needed

    thank you for the much needed support. we went to see the doctor yesterday and she's just got a very minor cold( though her cough sounds horrid) so we don't even need antibiotics at this point. we...
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    moral support needed

    so this is less a question and more a call for some emotional bolstering. my little girl is almost 5 months and growing so fast! right now she's having some congestion issues, along with the other...
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    angry nurser?

    so my daughter is now 4 months old and up until 4 days ago was doing great sleeping/nursing at night. Now she's started getting very...I want to say aggressive, but that seems a little harsh...when...
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    9 week challanges

    So my little girl was born 9 weeks ago and for the most part we've had a pretty good time with only a few hiccups here and there. these last few days she's gotten to be very fussy sometimes at the...
  5. Re: 2week old not pooping in almost 24 hours

    thanks for the reassurance and replies. i'm relieved to say that later in the evening/night we had 2 very large poos so that was a big weight off my shoulders. I'm wondering if the issue was from...
  6. 2week old not pooping in almost 24 hours

    So this is my first baby and we've been bfing great. Even today she's been nursing like a champ, having plenty of wet diapers, and otherwise acting normally. Up until now she's had 3-5 so this is...
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