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    Re: Road trip challenges

    I would have LOVED for L to have made it on one of our LONG trips waiting that long to eat! We have a caravan and the older two were in the back and I was climbing into the middle and nursing her in...
  2. Re: been awhile but need some help

    He doesn't seem to be bothered by it. Thanks for the reassurance!
  3. been awhile but need some help

    LO is 3 1/2 months and for about the last week has been spitting up more between feedings. He is also drooling alot(teething maybe) would this cause the extra spitting up?? Don't remember is LO #3...
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    Re: Achy legs and Breastfeeding?!

    I am having the same problem my legs r awful esp my knee joints and i am on them alot and eat fruits so I am hoping its just hormones lol
  5. Re: I am back in the saddle again!

    UG My nipples are so sore and one side is worse than the other..breathe in breathe out... the early days are soooo hard and painful. I hope he gets this quickly! I am using extra virgin olive oil...
  6. I am back in the saddle again!

    Our newest addition was born 5-14 at 10:55am 8lbs 21 inches. I am breastfeeding Ethaniel and my nipples are already killing me, bringing back not so nice memories. Hubby has went to get me some...
  7. Re: Feeding for longer than a year? Advi

    I just weaned about 3 weeks ago and LO turned 2y in Sept. I enjoyed it until I became pregnant and lasted as long as I could but the nipple pain got unbearable and she was only nursing at nap-time...
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    Re: We are done....

    We keep a sippy with water close but she usually just wants to snuggle so that's what we have been doing. We had one really rough night due to her having gas bad. Not sure what is causing it but I...
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    We are done....

    LO is 25 months and I am 16 weeks pregnant and my nipples are in excruciating pain during nursing so we are done. LO was only nursing at nap, bedtime, and once through the night and for only a few...
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    Re: "Thats just too OLD!"

    I love the idea of educating the new moms and letting them know from the get go how long you have been nursing and how much it has helped you and your son. Let them see that it is ok to nurse beyond...
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    Re: NIP 20 month old

    I have taught Libs that we don't nurse outside by just telling her we will ni-nee when we go back in or after we eat or after so and so goes home(I do day care in our home) I have done this since...
  12. Re: How long in duration should a baby f

    My LO only nursed on one side at a time and only for about 5 to 15 minutes at a time. My lactations said that the one side at a time was good because LO got more of the hind milk with had more...
  13. Re: Advice on maybe when to start weanin

    CONGRATULATIONS ON MAKING IT A YEAR WITH 6 OTHER KIDS AND SCHOOL!!!! :clap :bow Everyone in my family expected me to stop when LO turned 1y but she will be 2y next month and we are still going. We...
  14. Re: Struggling. Really close to giving u

    Keep going it will get better! My LO will be 2y next month and we had a hard time at first and got a plugged duct about 3 months ago it made me physically sick and sore to boot! Get to the doc as...
  15. Re: Going back to work at almost a year.

    Tell them that it is a very special bond between you and your daughter and it's up to the two of you when it is over. I don't believe they have a say because they are not physically involved in this...
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    Re: I need help mamas!

    I am there with you only Libs is going to be 2y next month and nights are the worst. I have decided though that starting tonight she will be in her bed and only her bed. I'm sure this will go badly...
  17. Re: Vacation in a Month, Considering Wea

    My dd will be 2y in Sept and she would nurse everytime I sat down if I would let her. I have gotten her down to 2 to 4 times a day and then through the night as needed. I have told her she can nurse...
  18. Re: Toddlers - Trying to do everything a

    I am a SAHM and I have a licensed day care in our home too. I know how you feel about wanting to be done i too have been there. My LO will be 2y next month and is asleep(after nursing of course) in...
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    Re: It's time.

    I am right there with ya! My LO will be 2y in Sept and I have started the process. Right now we ni-nee before naps, before bed, and at night since she sleeps with us still. I have noticed her...
  20. Re: It's time to start cutting back.

    Libs wakes up frequently still to nurse most nights so I'm a lil nervous as to how well this is going to go. She also has this high pitched scream that is off the charts hard on your ears so it's...
  21. It's time to start cutting back.

    I have been cutting back the last week or so with nursing Libs. She has done really well for the most part. Now I want to start night weaning and now that our oldest is out of school for the summer...
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    Re: Mastitis at 13 months...

    I feel your pain. I found that hot showers while massaging it helps bunches. I believe I had a mastitis also it made me soooo sick Thursday night and most of Friday. A heating pad helped also when...
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    Re: PLEASE HELP.....

    Called my gyno and they are going to get me an Rx. Ibuprophene is helping with the achyness a bit. :eye
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    Re: PLEASE HELP.....

    my whole body aches and I am naseated.......I also have 7 daycare kids today........oh Lord please help!!! I am almost in tears!:cry
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    Re: PLEASE HELP.....

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