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  1. Re: Need help with nipple pain during pumping

    While I have nothing to offer other than what the amazing ladies on here have suggested I want to say way to go for sticking to it! It takes a lot of love to continue doing something painful simply...
  2. Re: Train Bottle Fed Baby To Breastfeed?

    She's actually trying! I don't think she even knows why she drawn to it. She was laying by me with her face pressed to my breast and sucking her finger, then she would alternate sticking my nipple in...
  3. Train Bottle Fed Baby To Breastfeed?

    Hi Fellow Mommas!
    My 1yr old has been bottle fed pumped bm since 4mo. due to repeated mastitis and extremely sensitive nipples. She has recently taken an interest in the breast again..weird. She...
  4. Exclusively Pumping For 1yr old

    Hi there fellow pumping Momma's!
    Just curious...my lo is now a year. She doesn't seem to want BM unless she's going down for a nap or for the night. Considering this, how often do you ladies pump...
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