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    Re: not wanting any solids

    My little guy was about 9.5 mos when he became interested in food. I'm sure for him that it had to do with texture. I would try rice cereal because they say that you should start with that (what a...
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    Re: Natural Remedy for THRUSH??

    Gentian violet is the best natural option. I know it has been mentioned but no one mentioned that you can get it at pharmacies, usually by asking the pharmacist. You spread it on your nipples...
  3. Re: Continuously feeding...not satisfied

    Sounds like it could be thrush to me too. There is a product that you can get at the pharmacy called Gentian Violet that you put on your nipples before the baby nurses. It will help you and the...
  4. Re: He WILL wean some day, right?

    He will totally quit someday, and part of you will be sad. I feel the same way about my 2.5 y/o sometimes.

    Have you thought about teaching him another word for it, one that is not so obvious? We...
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    Re: Gagging

    My DS is almost 8 mos and has no interest in eating either. He thinks he does until it is in his mouth. All the pics look familiar to me too. I wouldn't worry, she sounds like she is growing well....
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