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  1. Re: PAINFUL latching with 3-day old - please help

    Thanks for the links! I've been consistently latching her on exactly how the LC told me to, using the Lansinoh cream and Soothies pads, and doing the air drying after each feeding. My lo is 12 days...
  2. Re: PAINFUL latching with 3-day old - please help

    Thanks so much! Those videos were great. I'm working on sandwiching my areola before the latch and it seems to be helping some, though she pulls back when I do that and we have to try a few times. I...
  3. PAINFUL latching with 3-day old - please help

    Hi mommas,

    I'm a second-time mom and nursed my first lo exclusively (with lots of determination and help from lactation consultants in the early days). I thought the second-time around would be a...
  4. Weaned at 20 months, wondering if he was really ready.

    My lo had his last nursing session when he was about 20 months old, but I'm not sure if he was totally ready to wean or if it was more me that was getting tired and may have jumped to conclusions. We...
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    Re: Vitamin with fluoride....

    My 2 year old lo has been getting a flouride vitamin (its in a dropper and has other stuff in there too) that says 0.25 mg. He has been getting this since he was around a year as the suggestion of...
  6. Re: Every solid meal is a nightmare!

    Thanks so much, ladies. I ordered that book and will try some of the ideas in the Dr. Sears article. I really like the notion of viewing how he eats over a week rather than a day, some days are...
  7. Re: Every solid meal is a nightmare!

    I should add he nurses about 3 times per day, and has some cow's milk while at daycare. But even if he hasn't nursed in many hours, he still refuses the solids :sigh
  8. Every solid meal is a nightmare!

    Hi ladies, I haven't been on the site in months because I've been too busy being stressed out with a multitude of things, not the least of which is my 14-month old simply refusing solids for most...
  9. Re: 13 months doesn't eat much of solid food, will he has enough nutrition?

    I agree with pp, it sounds like he's getting a good amount of bm and is growing fine. I would agree about writing everything down and would show your ped. I also worry about how much solids 13...
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    Re: I did it!

    Thanks ladies! I was away for a while, I couldn't log in with the new change and couldn't figure it out, then after several weeks went by I finally sent an email about it. Good to be back!!
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    I did it!

    Christopher is over a year old and we're still going strong! He never got a drop of formula, I am so proud of myself that I had to share :gvibes. It was so much work, so many night feedings every 2...
  12. Re: Tell me weaning hasn't started

    :drop That's a relief! I am very happy to hear that its such a long and gradual process. I want him to wean himself at his own pace, I'm not going to rush it. I anticipate he'll be around 3 when...
  13. Tell me weaning hasn't started

    Please tell me my 11 1/2 month old isn't starting to wean! I'm very sad at the thought of this as I plan on nursing for at least 2 years. But for a couple of weeks now he's been refusing the...
  14. Poll: Re: Are outside influences encouraging you to wean?

    I say no. Even though my lo isn't even a year just yet, I've already been asked "so, how long until you stop bf?" about 100 times. Then I hear the usual comments implying it is weird or much too...
  15. Re: Finally Made It to the One Year Club!!!


    Great job!

    Happy birthday to your lo!
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    Re: Another funny nursing moment...

    :love that's so cute! I can't wait for lo to do stuff like that!!
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    Re: 4 Month Old Constipated

    Same thing here, I'd try Prilosec and stop the cereal. Prilosec worked great for us (took a week and a half, hang in there) and it was only once a day. Zantac was a nightmare, it was every 8 hours...
  18. Re: ...or as long as beneficial to both mom and child

    :ita about differentiating parenting advice vs. medical advice. I am only interested in medical advice from my pedi after hearing her pooh-pooh on cloth diapering and pushing rice cereal starting at...
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    Poll: Re: Poll: After a year

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm going to be home 5 days per week this summer with lo, and the other two I will just pump at least once in the middle of the day. That sounds like it will be...
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    Re: Hello everyone!! I am new here!

    :ita I think most of us will agree that your dentist was inaccurate and inappropriate to you. Good decision to not go back!
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    Re: surprising reaction

    :cheer:woohoo:dance Finally, an educated reaction!
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    Poll: Poll: After a year

    My lo will be a year old in just one month, and I'm going to continue to bf but I'm thinking about not pumping 3 times a day anymore. This would mean cow's milk at daycare 2 days a week. Just...
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    Re: I love my Pedi

    :clap Great! Mine doesn't even ask if I'm bf, she has never asked!
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    Re: Iron deficiency?!

    I thought about BLW but panicked when lo didn't feed himself any food and just continued to spoon feed him my homemade food. If I waited it out I'm sure he would've started feeding himself. But I...
  25. Re: dishwasher good enough for washing pump?

    I put my Medela pump parts in the dishwasher almost every day :gvibes
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