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    Feeding my 4 Month Old

    I am going to try really hard to organize my questions so I'm notrambling too much! :)

    1) I used to have to suppliment with formula. Well, I THOUGHT I needed to. He was only drinking 2-8 oz of...
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    Re: Only nurses well laying down...

    Thank you for all the replies! Fantastic to hear from others who just lived with it :) Honestly- I have decided that if he will ONLY nurse on the bed or on his boppy (laying like he would on the bed)...
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    Only nurses well laying down...

    Now that we're finally off the nipple shield we've ran into an interesting problem. I've been bringing my baby to bed with me (no judgement please) for nightime nursing and so I'm nursing him laying...
  4. Re: Trying to "undo" the damage I may have caused.

    I hope so! I just find I can't get him to latch 2 feedings in a row. I don't know why. He still got upset on the right side a little - so I'm sure he could have eaten much more but we couldn't...
  5. Re: Trying to "undo" the damage I may have caused.

    I just wanted to share I had a FULL feeding on my right side without the shield. I think it was a full feeding. It lasted longer than 5 minutes which is progress. And it was active sucking the entire...
  6. Re: Trying to "undo" the damage I may have caused.

    Thank you for such quick replies. This forum has been a godsend. I was given the shield because I have flat nipples. I still do, however- they do come out if he nurses for a little bit. (Even during...
  7. Trying to "undo" the damage I may have caused.

    So, I'm currently trying to wean my 8 week old off the nipple shield but have decided to ease the "pressure" off the both of us and I've decided (after much inner turmoil) to not rush it. NO MATTER...
  8. Re: Chin-led latching ..flat nipples!

    Also, thank you for the websites. It's so sad when he seems absolutely repulsed by breast without shield. *sigh* But, I know I want to keep trying until I have nothing left to give.
  9. Re: Chin-led latching ..flat nipples!

    So true about the formula, it's not but he always seems so hungry even after the shield is bone dry. He just pops off and starts crying :(
  10. Chin-led latching ..flat nipples!

    Okay, I've been through a few breakdowns over the past few weeks because I'm battling breastfeeding and just wanting to switch to formula. Which, though it shouldn't, seems like less of a hassle.
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