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    Not a problem, per say...

    Today I was chatting with a couple of my cousins about breastfeeding and they would complain about cracked nipples and occasional pain. I recall from my breastfeeding classes that I would definitely...
  2. Re: Slow weight gain and breastfeeding paranoia

    Today on the doctor's scale she was 11 lbs 2 oz, so I'm feeling better there. She still thinks there is an allergy going on, so now we have a referral to an allergist.
  3. Re: Slow weight gain and breastfeeding paranoia

    I decided to put away the scale for now.

    She was diagnosed after the doctor listened to everything (screaming, gulping/swallowing, spit-up, etc) and giving her an exam. Doctor also believes there...
  4. Slow weight gain and breastfeeding paranoia

    My 2-month-old daughter was diagnosed last week (Friday) with reflux. At that appointment the doctor was also concerned about her weight, which was in the 26th percentile (she weighed 10 lbs 10 oz)....
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