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    Oversupply second time around

    Hi ladies,

    I had terrible oversupply with my son and my lactation consultant at the time mentioned that oversupply increases with each child. Is this true? If so, should I prepare to blockfeed my...
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    Hi Mamas,

    I need your advice. I really want to wean my eighteen-month old son, but I don't know if I'm emotionally up for calmly handling his protests. Right now he nurses when he wakes up in the...
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    Re: menstruation question

    thanks mamas
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    menstruation question

    Hi mamas,

    I am still proudly nursing my 1 old and my period has not returned. Is this normal?

    MJ (mom to Indy)
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    Re: Hi! New here and need help.

    I had horrible oversupply issues in the beginning, and am still dealing with them (though they are much better) so I really feel for you. :eyeAlthough I'm not a lactation consultant, I think you are...
  6. Re: Need some hope that this will get better

    I worked with a lactation consultant who herself had experienced oversupply with each of her three kids--she helped me determine dosage. We were very cautious initially. I took two doses (one capsule...
  7. Re: Need some hope that this will get better

    I had terrible oversupply problems too--and was blockfeeding for up to 12 hours!
    Sage tea several times a day helped. But Sudafed was most effective. I had to take it for almost a week, but many...
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    sweaty four-month-old

    Hi all,

    My son has recently started sweating profusely during most feedings--mostly from his head. Has anyone had experience with this? could it be diet related?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Ready to give up

    I have definitely been where you are. My son was miserable ("Fussy" really doesn't begin to describe the screaming/writhing/hurt state he was in almost all of his waking hours) for the first three...
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    never-ending oversupply

    My son is 12 weeks old today and is still having to deal with my oversupply. I've worked on it with an LC for over two months--done block feeding (as long as 14 hours!), used different breastfeeding...
  11. Re: Can oversupply cause reflux? Should I treat both?

    Thank you for sharing.
    Was your baby miserable all the time? My son is only happy when he's sleeping, or at the beginning of our feeding sessions. Otherwise, he is miserable. I feel so bad for him,...
  12. Can oversupply cause reflux? Should I treat both?

    About a month ago I took my LO to the pediatrician because of his misery. He was almost always screaming in pain, and nothing we could do would soothe him. The ped thought he had reflux, but I was...
  13. Re: can't get the oversupply under control...thinking of giving up

    Thank you for your encouragement ladies. In response to some of your questions:
    My baby is basically unhappy if he's not eating and nothing we do seems to help: swaddling, walking, shushing,...
  14. can't get the oversupply under control...thinking of giving up

    I have tried just about everything to get the oversupply under control (block feeding--up to 12 hours); sudafed, and now sage tea and tincture. My-six week-old baby is always hungry and always...
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