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  1. Department of Labor Wants Feedback from Nursing Moms!!!

    I am going to comment...thought some other working/pumping mamas might want to as well!:clap

    The Department of Labor wants input on how to implemement the new law requiring employers to accomodate...
  2. Re: And we're still nursing at 3yrs old - anyone else out there?

    My DD will be three in June and I never thought we'd nurse this long. In my pre-breastfeeding era, I was one of those people who thought and said " if a child is old enough to ask to nurse, they're...
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    Re: Nursing and going back to work

    I can proudly say I have done it! My DD is 20 months now and I had to go back to work at 9 weeks. She received only breastmilk until 6 months and then has continued to nurse. She's still nursing now,...
  4. Re: yeast and problems with plugged ducts

    I am so sorry to read that so many people are battling yeast and mastitis on here! I battled them both at the same time and it was rough, so I encourage you to hang in there. I did and now my DD is...
  5. Re: For those who pump and bottle feed

    Just wanted to give a POSITIVE update on the bottle switching! I went to a different BabiesRus and tried again. They said no at first and quoted their 90 day policy,blah blah blah. My husband asked...
  6. Re: Seeking Infor on PCOS and Nursing for a Friend...Update

    Hey! Thanks for the help and info from various people. Also,I'd love that article if you find it Shannon. Thanks!:)
    I went to visit my friend Saturday and she and baby are doing well. He was...
  7. Re: Seeking Infor on PCOS and Nursing for a Friend...

    Thanks for sharing your experience. That gives me HOPE for her!

    I went to see her on day 1, but then I had to go out of town. So, now I'm trying to be a helpful friend from an hour away, calling,...
  8. Seeking Infor on PCOS and Nursing for a Friend...

    Hey there fellow mamas. I need some info for a friend. Her LO is 4 days old and he's been latching on great since birth. The problem is he wasn't getting enough. After talking to the LC and the OB,...
  9. Re: First Birthday Cake- Silly Question

  10. Re: First Birthday Cake- Followup

    Hey! I just wanted to post a followup to tell how my DD's 1st birthday party went. I did make the Wacky Cake recipe that someone posted on here. THANKS! I made cupcakes and the 1st batch tasted gross...
  11. Re: First Birthday Cake- Silly Question

    Anyone ever made icing with powdered sugar and EBM?
    just wondering...I may try it!:lol
  12. Re: For those who pump and bottle feed


    Sorry I thought this was a standard thing.[/QUOTE]

    No worrries! I got the feeling that it was hit or miss like you said. If I felt like driving 30 min to the other store, I might get a...
  13. Re: For those who pump and bottle feed

    I am so bummed...I called my local BabiesRus and asked about the bottle switching. The clerk I spoke to verified with a manager and told me yes, they'd exchange my Dr. Browns b1, ottles for the Born...
  14. Re: First Birthday Cake- Silly Question

    Thanks for all the tips ladies! I'm going to be baking soon! I think I'm going to try one of the egg and dairy free recipes.
    Hope it all turns out well!
    Thanks for the support and info!
  15. First Birthday Cake- Silly Question

    I have read several people's ideas for healthier first birthday cakes and I want to do something healthier for my LO, but I have a silly question...
    If my LO has never had a bunch of the...
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    Re: What should I tell them?

    I like those statements that pp said, but they just don't seem to feel right to me... I am a teacher and so pumping these 11 months has been hard, but we made it. I have a full time teacher assistant...
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    Re: opinion on teething bagels

    My DD loves the teething biscuit made by Earth's Best... and it's wheat free and organic...just a suggestion!
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    Re: mastitis/clogged duct advice

    I agree with the previous post...see a doctor and see if you need antibiotics...I had my battle with mastitis and I would want you to get over it quickly.
    Also, I read in the Womanly Art of BF to...
  19. Re: Feeding and Pumping Schedule while working

    I went back to work when my DD was 8 weeks. I left 3 3oz bottles and she drank those while I was gone from 7:30-4:30 each day. She would co-sleep most nights and nurse when needed, so I got more...
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    Re: homemade baby food and water

    I do homemade organic food too, but I haven't ben brave enough to grind my own brown rice for cereal, so I buy the Earth's best organic oatmeal and rice cereal. It's got iron it, but no pesticides!!...
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    Re: any WAHM's with ideas??

    MOMOF3, I am currently a 2nd grade teacher and I'd love to know what 3 jobs you do at home since we ave similar backgrounds as a teacher. I am SO unhappy teaching and being a working mommy. I truly...
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    Re: about to give up :(

    Hey! I just want to tell you- you are doing an amazing job, so hang in there. I feel you on the pumping. From 3 weeks- 9 weeks I pumped every drop my LO drank and it was hard, and I didn't have an...
  23. Re: Best Place to Buy Nursing Clothes?

    I just discovered motherwear.com! A friend from my LLL meeting gave me a few shirts and they're cool. I went to their site and saw some good stuff, they even sell stuff with minor defects at their...
  24. Re: Help!Getting slack for not starting solids yet!

    Hang in there! I got LOTS of comments from family members about my decision to wait until at least 6 months, and we started our lo on solids at 6 months and 1 week or so. You have to do what's best...
  25. Re: Starting solids questions: pureeing, steaming, etc.?

    You've already heard tons of advice from the pp and I totally agree with them. I just wanted to add, I use a book called Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. It talks about how to prepare homemade food in...
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