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    Re: Why am I not producing milk?

    I heard there is a milk you can buy at Whole Foods...but now for the life of me I can't remember the name...its like one mentioned but its not a tablet its an actual carton of milk like soy...
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    Re: Terrified to attempt breastfeeding

    GURRRRLLL you know you can do it!!!

    okay I failed the first time too!!! I was not 19 I was old enough to have better knowledge but I didn't! LOL I thought this would be easy....NOPE! so I thought...
  3. Re: Pain on the nipple while breastfeeding and afterwards???

    I am not sure if your pain is from the rip or not. My nipple hurt and were sore seriously about 2 months...then one day they just didn't hurt and nothing was painful it was like the heavens above...
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    Re: Feeling very discouraged

    listen I am no expert and I feel bad no one has responded to your post.

    first off BF is hard, its a great undertaking and you are trying to do the best thing for your baby and :hug:ita so now...
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    Re: suggest starter foods

    thank you that was all very helpful.

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    suggest starter foods

    I was wanting some ideas of different easy, soft foods to try for my 8mo old. He has rice cereal and the normal baby food fruits and vegs...but what else can I try?
    he did suck on some watermelon...
  7. Re: Desperate, with multiple questions...

    don't feel helpless....its okay!!
    some babies have a hard time latching for a few weeks, months even when they have had NO BOTTLE or anything else...so don't think you made a mistake

    I am not...
  8. Re: starting my education on solids..lol!

    I agree with jm and I am no expert either but my opinion is...

    there are elderly people that eat without their teeth in all the time...LOL:lol so babies can eat but they are not ready to eat...
  9. Re: at work, pumped: no milk from one?

    UPDATE: I had two more pumping sessions and I did get milk from each session and each breast - not as much as expected after none the first time around this am but at least it is coming now....not...
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    Poll: Re: WWYD? Places to Pump?!?!

    I think what is important is where YOU feel most comfortable and relaxed....so I didn't vote.

    I have to switch up my work place when my "spot" gets taken. I normally use a private execs office...
  11. at work, pumped: no milk from one?

    Okay ladies....this has never happened to me.
    I'm at work...been back since Jan. I pump regularly while at work for LO at home....today my first session yeilded NO MILK from one breast - this has...
  12. Re: When To Start Pumping and When During The Day?

    I am no expert but I can tell you what worked for me...

    My hospital LC brought me a pump and told me to pump every 2 hours.

    I followed those instructions....pumping and nursing around the clock...
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    Re: Constipation

    I have heard of the Kayro Syrup being used....in fact - my grandma used that for her babies mixed with PET milk (yes, canned milk) that was their FORMULA!! - this was MANY years ago.... she had 5...
  14. Re: what is the best pro-breastfeeding book you've read?

    The Nursing Mother's Problem Solver...and the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding...
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    Re: Scared to pump?!?!?!?

    have you had any better luck with pumping?

    I started out pumping every 2 hrs...the more regularly you pump the more regular the supply...some moms told me to try to pump at the same times of...
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    Re: Fussy while feeding

    sounds like pain...or gas pains...did you try to stop and burb mid nursing? maybe that would help get it out and then resume nursing...
    mylacon will help too...:hug
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    Re: Lump in armpit and latch questions

    :hug:hug first big hugs - sorry you are having a hard day today.

    I had the lump under my armpit - it lasted about a week - then went away. It was befire I even delivered!

    I had trouble wiht...
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    Re: adding cereal delete a feeding?

    update....we have held off on cereal...his reflux is acting and sounding like a cold - he has a nice cough and the nasal thing working ugh its just terrible sounding....but hasn't had too many...
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    Re: Scared to pump?!?!?!?

    I have the same issues - I pump alot to keep up with LO I also pump during the night since I don't get quite enough during the day for the next day's supply. I had cut down on my night pumping prior...
  20. Re: Not Enjoying Breastfeeding and Feeling Guilty

    Oh my gosh I hear you girlie!!

    I was determined to BF my baby becuase the first time around I quit after a few weeks - this is my last child so I was more determined to make it work.

    Its hard....
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    Re: adding cereal delete a feeding?

    yes, he is 4 mos old
    and you are right....I just read on one of the links that adding cereal to BM "might" help ....I think I will just wait and continue to nurse for now until I feel he more ready...
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    Re: adding cereal delete a feeding?

    sorry my post was not clear. I am not giving my 4 mo old solids yet or do I intend to anytime soon...I was just asking "in general" when you do start to give cereal or soldis how you transistion or...
  23. Re: carrots and nitrates in homemade baby food?

    I don't know either...I would doubt that soil tests are done for other than what's going to grow the best product...

    btw you left off "they said" out of my quote....

    "they" being the memebers...
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    Re: BF and sleep

    maybe I will alternate between option 2 and 3....

    I want to stash some but get relief also -
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    Re: adding cereal delete a feeding?

    I should have added that we are introducing cereal to help with reflux...

    thanks for your input
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