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    Bad nursing manners...

    My 6 month old son has recently developed some very difficult to deal with nursing manners and it's effecting my desire and frequency of nursing. The issues started about a month ago when, while...
  2. Re: Worried about switching from pumping to nursing

    I would nurse on demand but he NEVER wakes up. Not to feed, not to poop, not for anything. He truly wakes up about twice a day for nearly 30 minutes. I've only heard him cry a handful of times but...
  3. Worried about switching from pumping to nursing

    I gave birth to my 4lb. 9oz. son on Oct. 5th. I was induced 5 weeks early due to severe preeclampsia and IUGR. Thankfully, little Oliver was born healthy just small and fragile. I had planned to...
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