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  1. Re: Worried about 3 1/2 month old sleeping 9 hours

    They are sleeping 7-9 hours, but not both of them on the same nights. Last night one slept 9 and the other 7. I haven't tried to awaken them as I stopped setting alarms when the doctor told us we...
  2. Worried about 3 1/2 month old sleeping 9 hours

    My twins are 16 weeks/9 adjusted. They are sleeping 8-9 hours many nights. Between the two I nursr at least twice before 5:45. My older son nursed 6-10 times at night, and didn't nigght wean until...
  3. Re: What is the most supportive and comfortable nursing bra?

    Seriously, I went to VS and got bras there. I realized I could just pop out of the top to nurse and their underwires were soooooooo much more comfy than every single nursing bra I'd tried on. I've...
  4. How much other milk/fat should my son have?

    My son recently saw a GI at Children's Hospital for his food intolerances. Afterwards a dietician came in because I'd had questions about his nutrition. She asked how much milk he drank a day,...
  5. Re: nightweaning, toddler nursing, and other things

    Nursing at night is frequently uncomfortable. His teeth, lazy latch, and my dang period and endometriosis just make me want to be able to cuddle him instead of nursing. He's been a frequent nurser...
  6. nightweaning, toddler nursing, and other things

    I don't have any friends who nursed past 12 months. So, while I feel alone, I don't necessarily feel lonely. I just have no one to commiserate with.

    We started night weaning the beginning of...
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    Night nursing during period

    I've started to notice that I get really sore leading up to my period, and then during my period, my son is NOT happy with how much milk he gets at night. He suckles, gets nothing, then pulls off...
  8. Pinching and teaching nursing manners 13 months

    My little sweetie boy turns 13 months this week. He has taken to pinching me while nursing. I don't know if it's related to a stronger pincer grasp (it seems to coincide) or what, but it HURTS! He...
  9. Starting to feel unsure moving into 1 year

    Nursing has been so easy for a while now. But now I have a lot of questions as I'm seeing him eating more solid food and able to go longer between nursing.

    Does he need water if he goes 3 hours...
  10. Re: 11 month old voraciously nursing at night - biting

    He may well be getting his molars. He's been more drooly lately too, with fingers in his mouth again.
  11. Re: 11 month old voraciously nursing at night - biting

    Good to know I'm not alone! My friends have all either weaned or definitely night weaned, and I get the "solid food" schpiel every time I peep about his sleep. Solid food is making no difference! ;)
  12. 11 month old voraciously nursing at night - biting

    My son nursed every hour or so during the day. Recently, in the past 1-2 weeks, when we've been out and about he is able to go 2 hours. He has always nursed 7 plus times at night. And the early...
  13. Finger foods and gagging and offering enough

    We started offering solid food about 5 weeks ago at 7 months. I just gave him big chunks and he initially played with it and tasted it. Now he is getting better with pincer grip, and can get food to...
  14. Re: Using purees to get baby to make consonant sounds and ch

    Thanks for the link and the encouragement. :) I didn't realize feeding my baby would be so stressful!
  15. Using purees to get baby to make consonant sounds and chew?

    Ok, so my son's OT asked about solids. My son is 7 1/2 months and we started solids about 2 weeks ago. He was 4 weeks early, and has motor delays, so we waited until 7 months. (and I wasn't ready)....
  16. Re: Baby led and MSPI and my reluctance

    Thanks ladies! I'll continue to tell the OT that I'd like the motor delay to be the focus of therapy, and not his eating. And we'll do solids when I think he is ready.
  17. Baby led and MSPI and my reluctance

    So my pediatrician gave the go ahead to start solids at my son's 6 month visit. He was born a month early, so he's 5 months adjusted. He's hitting the 5 month fine motor skills, and the 4 month...
  18. 3 1/2 hour morning car trip questions

    Do we stop if he is asleep? Background: he didn't nap much at all yesterday due to a doctor appointment. He did nurse a lot since I was trying to get him asleep. He slept very fitfully lastnight, but...
  19. More questions about breastfeeding and colds

    So after reading an earlier post, I understand that mom passes antibodies. Does that only happen if mom gets sick? Or are they antibodies from previous exposure? Someone told me that because I've...
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    Re: Should I give up!?

    You can do this! My son eats frequently. Pretty much every 1 1/2 hours. So he will nurse for 10-20 minutes on each side, then we change his diaper if he didn't fall asleep. If he is awake, there will...
  21. Re: 4 1/2 month old fussiness while nursing

    Yes, we can do it! My son sucks his hand too. Sometimes it's like this: suck suck milk, suck suck hand, suck suck milk, suck suck hand. And sometimes he tries to get both at the same time. It cracks...
  22. 4 1/2 month old fussiness while nursing

    Ive read other situations about this, and on kellymom. I keep reassuring myself, but so much of his behavior has changed in the past 2 weeks! At 4 months, he suddenly went from nursing a half hour on...
  23. Re: So how do you night nurse while cosleeping?

    I guess do you keep track of how long your baby nurses on each side?
  24. So how do you night nurse while cosleeping?

    When I got up this morning, I realized I couldn't remember how many times I'd nursed or switched sides. I'm pretty sure I did switch sides. I think he is nursing more at night now at 12 weeks than he...
  25. Re: Lots of questions: supply, milk production, night feedin

    Well, the one sided thing just kinda happened. I started realizing he was nursing longer and longer on just one side after his 5 week growth spurt. Before that he would nurse 30 min or so on each...
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