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    Re: 10 m/o not tolerating solids

    Her son is 10mos. She does and always has EBF him.
    Our hunch is allergies--but if she's not eating anything that's hurting his tummy, and then not giving him "allergy" foods-why would he react to...
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    10 m/o not tolerating solids

    I'm trying to find as many sources of help for a friend.
    I've been helping her since her DS was born. She had reflux problems with him as a newborn due to her caffeine and chocolate intake. Once she...
  3. Re: helping friend with pending back surgery

    No she only drinks mama's milk. and up until recently (Within last few months) she didn't eat food either. Baby has had her share of health problems-including too low iron (anemia category) and high...
  4. helping friend with pending back surgery

    I'm hoping one of you has
    been a mom in a similar situation or know where to find the answers.
    She had a major back injury, and 3 years ago had a fusion and a
    prosthetic put into her back to...
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