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  1. Re: After 5 months of severe nursing aversion...Suceess Stor

    Worknpump...happy to hear that you are noticing a *slight* improvement! I hope you continue to see gradual changes for the better! You are doing a great job and I'm rooting for you all the way!!!...
  2. After 5 months of severe nursing aversion...Suceess Story!!!

    Just wanted to pop in and share some great news. After 5 LOONG months of my dd refusing to nurse while awake....she all of a sudden started nursing "normal". Out of the blue. The only difference...
  3. Re: Hard to nurse baby has/had strep throat

    Any update mama? How did the appointment go??
  4. Re: Hard to nurse baby has/had strep throat

    I agree with joesmom....breastmilk has more fats/calories than *most* solids anyway, so the more she will let you nurse the better. As for the iron, my ds #2 had a level of 7.7 at one point. Since...
  5. Re: Hard to nurse baby has/had strep throat

    Greetings from your #1 stalker! When I saw this post and it was YOU that was posting, I started to panic, but was relieved to hear that the strep is not causing a regression with the progress that...
  6. Re: Baby will only nurse while asleep/sleepy, is there any h

    My 6 month old dd has been refusing all feeds awake for almost 4 months now. She started refusing right around the 2.5 month mark. I think our situation was caused by a combination of...
  7. Re: ladies... please help. im desperate.

    Hmmm...maybe a breastmilk smoothie? Is he eating any fruits/yogurt? ?.....wonder if you could blend a bit of those in with your milk to help "flavor" it.....no experience here, but thought I'd throw...
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    Re: 8 month old nursing aversion

    Hey mama! Wish it was as easy as just adding in another nursing session, huh? I know how hard you fight just to get those 8 in as it is. I do know that it can be completely normal, even for an...
  9. Re: 6 Month Old Not Eating During the Day/Frustrated

    Maybe try getting her to sleep, then dreamfeeding her. My dd is 5 months old and has been having a breast aversion for the past 3 months. I have been exclusively feeding her while she sleeps. This...
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    Re: My Story

    :hug Sorry you are having so many struggles mama!

    The biggest red flags that stood out to me are:

    * The lipstick nipple----could indicate latch issue or tongue tie
    * The burning/itching...
  11. Re: OALD/FFLD.....when does it "go away"??

    Thank you for sharing the article! Now I understand why alot of babies that refuse the breast in these situations do so around the 2-3 month mark! Still holding on to hope that *someday* she will...
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    Re: So frustrated! What do I do!?

    Have you considered offering the supplement first (maybe 1-2 oz) then finishing with the breast? This way they associate the breast with the full/satisfied feeling, not the other way around. I've...
  13. Re: OALD/FFLD.....when does it "go away"??

    Thank you so much! I would love to read that article when you have a chance to post the link =)
  14. Re: OALD/FFLD.....when does it "go away"??

    Here are a few of my former post: the first one: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?110894-2-1-2-month-old-only-nursing-every-3-4-hours!!&p=1261860#post1261860

    then: ...
  15. Re: OALD/FFLD.....when does it "go away"??

    Thank you for the link....however, my supply has regulated nicely for the last few months now. It is just the letdown that seems to present a bit of an issue. I guess I'm grasping at straws and...
  16. Re: OALD/FFLD.....when does it "go away"??

    I appreciate your input! The only other factors that I can think of are the following: Before this started, I yelled at my toddler (while nursing the baby) who had climbed onto the counter and was...
  17. OALD/FFLD.....when does it "go away"??

    I'm on my 3rd month of only being able to nurse dd while she is asleep. It has progressed to me being able to only do so while walking her around as well, thus eliminating any chance of...
  18. Re: How do you count wet diapers?

    You should see 5-6+ wet diapers every 24 hours. To feel what a sufficiently wet diaper is like, pour 3 tablespoons of water into a clean diaper. A piece of tissue in a disposable diaper will help you...
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    Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    This brought tears to my eyes!! That is great improvement! I can't wait to hear how things keep progressing for the two of you! I hope to be able to share some stories of improvement as well!
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    Re: This is driving me nuts

    :hug No real answers on the "why" part...but as far as her only nursing on 1 minute per side and wanting to sleep....sometimes when I'm dreamfeeding my LO and she is wanting to do more sleeping vs....
  21. Re: Comfort nursing amongst other things

    Hey mama! Sounds like you might have a touch of oversupply, but no, you are not overfeeding your LO. However, until your supply is regulated, it may be a bit difficult for your LO to comfort nurse....
  22. Re: Please Help!... baby will no longer latch, Long post

    Have you tried feeding her when she is super sleepy or while she is sleeping? This is how I am currently feeding my dd who is refusing all feeds while awake. She will scream and push the breast...
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    Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    Yep, she sleeps in a pack-n-play right next to our bed. I am a very light sleeper so I'm able to get to her at her first rousing and even then, she will balk at the breast and not feed until I've...
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    Re: Sippy for 6 month old

    Yes, I did read that article! Thank you for sharing! It certainly does give one some hope. Glad to hear that things are slowlllly improving for you and your LO. That is giving me hope as well. ...
  25. Re: 6 weeks & struggling - poor latch, tongue tie *LONG*

    Sorry you are going thru such a rough patch mama! What is working for me right now is taking it one day at a time. My goal is to make it thru the day. Then the next and so on. Before you know it,...
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