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  1. Re: Transition NICU baby from bottle to exclusively breast? Help!

    One thing to watch for and consider is that preemies often have gastro-esophageal reflux because their digestive systems didn't have as much time to develop. There are some who, rather than spitting...
  2. Re: how do I ban breastfeeding for four hours before surgery?

    In addition, I found that my DS was so distracted by being in the hospital that, when the required 4 hours unexpectedly turned into 8 hours, he handled it much better than I would ever have imagined....
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    Re: Violence while nursing

    I would start keeping an informal journal of your observations and concerns. There are numerous possible reasons for what you describe, from totally normal to symptomatic of a health problem, but it...
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    Re: Bleem

    Thanks, mamas -- there isn't anywhere else I could share this story where it would have even a fraction of the meaning it has sharing it with you after all these years of support...

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    That, evidently, is a mathematical term for the otherwise unnamed number when you've run out of 3 but haven't quite reached 4, and that, according to Lorenzo, is how old he is because somehow he got...
  6. Re: Help with my extreme breastfeeder!

    That's how my son was, until he was 2. It's grueling....

    Are you aware of, or have you ever had any concerns about medical/health issues? Any other behaviors that give you pause or drive you...
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    Re: Help- projectile vomitting

    Yes, shocking isn't it -- so much velocity from such a tiny person....

    Here are some things to watch for that warrant a talk with the pedi:

    -- significant distress when spitting up, or...
  8. Re: Low Iron - Bad Eater - Loves to Nurse

    And, on the flip side, Lorenzo didn't eat solids until he was over 2 years old and never had low iron levels. :shrug

    Will she drink smoothies? Flaxseed meal and black strap molasses are both good...
  9. Re: 5 week old ... question about changes ?

    My bet is that your body is beginning to adjust production, she is getting more efficient at nursing AND being congested is making nursing more challenging/less comfortable.
  10. Re: How can you tell when your LO is nursing for comfort or bc is hungry?

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    Re: Letdown/Supply and Emotions

    :hug I know how hard that is to get attached like that and have to let go...

    My understanding is that stress can have an effect on nursing, not only in terms of physically delaying or slowing...
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    Re: Is DD aspirating????

    My thoughts are:

    a) She is letting milk pool in her mouth as she gets sleepy, and then, as she's drifting off, her body relaxes and she unintentionally allows the milk to head down into her...
  13. Re: When you don't feel like nursing..

    Here are a few things I recall doing:

    *setting a timer or describing after what event(s) he WOULD be able to nurse
    *doing something extremely silly and unexpected
    *starting off small and keeping...
  14. Re: Suddenly spitting up a lot - What could be causing this?

    Excess saliva from teething can cause stomach upset, so it could be directly related to the new teeth coming in. Does the spitting up seem to cause any pain or other problems?
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    Re: Is it reflux ?

    Here's some additional information about reflux and breastfed babies which might prove helpful:
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    Re: She is 2!!!

    :clap:hug Happy Birthday to both of you, and congratulations on 2 years of nursing. Your little ones are all so fortunate to have a mama who truly understands the miracle and the gift of parenting...
  17. Re: 6 day old baby in NICU, I feel like I'm failing to produce enough milk

    In addition to the excellent advice already offered, in my experience, one of the most frequently overlooked methods of increasing supply for NICU moms is skin to skin time with baby. Even a baby on...
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    Re: 5wk old, help?

    :hug:hug Wow, what a story....

    I'm sorry nursing is so painful right now. I know how excruciating that can be, and how hard it is to want to breastfeed and, at the same time, want to run...
  19. Re: My 8.5 months old baby wants to nurse every hour.. and no solids

    For what it's worth, my son nursed every 1-2 hours, and did not eat solids, until he was 2 years old (he had a variety of health issues at play -- some of which we knew about, some of which we did...
  20. Re: Reflux medicine, feeding habits, and weight gain

    How often is your LO nursing? What is his weight now?

    Nursing has an analgesic effect for babies. If he was in pain before the medication, is there any possibility that he has simply slowed...
  21. Re: Newborn Cries All Day ... Lactose Overload/GERD/Allergy?

    I would suggest not attaching to the idea that there is only one thing at play. So often with babies there are multiple things going on -- some totally normal developmental things, some medical...
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    Re: Milk Spray or Reflux Congestion?

    You don't have to give her medicine, even if the pedi thinks you should and write a prescription, but by having the conversation, you can get his/her perspective and information, your concerns will...
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    Re: Milk Spray or Reflux Congestion?

    While reflux can cause congestion, it may be helpful to note that none of the medications your LO would likely be given are intended to reduce the actual reflux, just the acidity of it -- so...
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    Re: Mother's Intuition

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! I've been out of the loop for awhile and I'm so glad to hear that Gavin has arrived safely.

    And what you say about intuition is so, so true in my experience. The...
  25. Re: BF, cosleeping & baby sleep problems! (9 months old)

    I'm not saying that this is the case with your LO, nor do I want to freak you out, but it can be helpful when it comes to coming to terms with having a poor sleeper to consider that it is entirely...
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