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  1. Re: One breast significantly reduced sup

    The exact same thing just happened to me! One breast only! Thanks for the tips!
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    Re: Cluster Feeding

    Thanks guys! It helps to know it is normal and that it will end at some point! At least he doesn't really do it through the night!
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    Cluster Feeding

    FTM here so bear with me. My son is 3 wks and has been cluster feeding all morning (9-noon) and then a smaller session 1-3pm and then again 7-9pm. I know he could be going through a growth spurt but...
  4. Re: Seems like she's having painful BM's?

    I also am a FTM and my lil guy has been doing that for the past two weeks (just turned 3 weeks the other day). Though it is better now than what it was ... Dr says it takes some time for some babies...
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