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  1. Re: what is going on??? no weight gain?

    1932 this is him, yesterday..... maybe i need some "not mommy" eyes. how does he look to y'all? i was at a baby shower today and people were saying how little he is. (but he was in the moby, so they...
  2. Re: what is going on??? no weight gain?

    doctor wasn't concerned... especially since this happened with my youngest daughter, as well.... and she is now 3 and weighs almost 40lbs. lol.she's almost as tall as her 6 and 8 year old sisters,...
  3. what is going on??? no weight gain?

    my lo, diesel, was born december 9th.... he was 8lbs 9oz. he got down to 7 lbs 5oz.he has very VERY slowly been gaining weight.... and i syringe fed him after every feed for a while until i decided...
  4. Re: ouch! (and when to lose the nipple shield.)

    i forgot to ask about tongue tie at his last weight check, i really should write my questions down. lol!

    he can't even latch without the shield. i forgot to mention, the reason i asked for the...
  5. ouch! (and when to lose the nipple shield.)

    so, i have my 2 week old guy (after being in labor for literally a month....) and i was able to nurse him immediately after he was born. that was the best, and last, easy feed. i started noticing a...
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    Re: Baby pulling at my shirt in public

    i always just took their hand and kissed it... showing them affection and kind of signaling that it wasn't the right time..... of course i'm an NIPer. lol. i live in the US and have never had any...
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    Re: baby not taking bottle

    yep! my second daughter NEVER used a bottle. didn't have any issues. (she nursed for 2 years.)
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    Re: baby not taking bottle

    how old is your lo? i know that with all 3 of mine, and i'm sure with this one coming, i started using sippy cups instead of bottles. but that was around 5 or so months. it worked great for them,...
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    Re: too much food?

    i always thought that babies' tummies are the size of their little fists, so maybe start with that much? when i introduced solids to dd2, she was 10 months old. she loved it.... i started with 2...
  10. Re: 5 day old, doesn't feed long (plus more)

    heres the link i just told you about... check it out... may help a bit.




  11. Re: 5 day old, doesn't feed long (plus more)

    hey chris... check this out.

  12. Re: 5 day old, doesn't feed long (plus more)

    i'm glad you finally took my advice! lol... i'm going to bump this up.
  13. Temas: oi.

    by @llli*ilybats


    my baby! in 32 minutes... will be 1 year old! AH!
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    Re: Milking it

    lol... well, i do jsut that. i milk myself. hahaha! i don't really use any of the compressions that i hear people talking about. i have found that using the way that gets the most milk out works best...
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    Re: Milking it

    see, the pump never worked for me. i could "milk" myself and get about 6oz in about 5 minutes... but i would pump for about 30 minutes and get 2oz at the most.
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    Re: So.. ive decided..

    this is my daughter. when she was 3 months she was about 15 lbs... 20 lbs by 9 months. we started solids at 9 months (just putting food in front of her, and her playing with it) and her weight has...
  17. Re: questions on introducing solids...and a litte venting

    we just started feeding my daughter solids... and shes 9 months old. lol. as long as you LO is still gaining weight and reaching all the milestones, there should be no problem. thats a bunch of bull...
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    Re: Biting trouble

    some people dont like this... but, when my daughter bites me, i take her off and sit her down (of course, she 9months. heh.) i'm at a loss also though... she's started laughing when i take her off.
  19. Re: These things will deflate right?! (vent)

    i sure hope they do! wheres the air valve for them? have you found it yet?
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    Re: Trouble getting started...

    i just wanted to let you know that it will hurt... for about 4 weeks. like, toe curling, tear raising, gasp inducing, kind of thing. the nipples arent used to it, yet. it WILL get better. for the...
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    Re: Crying over spilled milk...

    lol... i remember doing that... although, instead of pouring it, i was pumping it into one of those bottles that have the holes on the bottom, you have to put that "disk" in it, so the milk doesnt...
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    Re: inverted/flat nipples

    i just wanted to say... when i read your post title i was like, "inflated nipples??? what?!?" heh...

    anywhoo... i had them too... it took about a month or 2 before they started working out... with...
  23. Re: ...or as long as beneficial to both mom and child

    you dont even have to lie. lol. has your LO started on solids? in other countries, thats called weaning... soooo, you could say that he is weaning at the moment. heh.
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    Re: new growth charts

    its in kgs, so NB would be 7lbs 11oz... 6months--16lbs 1oz... a year--19lbs 13oz and so on...
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    Re: make it stop!

    she'll be 7 months on the 10th of may.

    a nursing necklace... i might try that. lol... i thought those were for distracted babies... but that does sound like a good idea. i do think she may be...
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