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  1. Re: Baby doesn't wet diapers much at night?

    It is totally possible. If you subscribe to the theories of elimination communication (EC), babies are born with the desire to NOT eliminate on themselves and have to get used to diapers over time,...
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    Re: From white to watery?

    You original description of having a smaller output, thinner milk, and a tender chest makes me wonder if you are not doing a thorough job of removing milk with your pump. (I don't want to say...
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    Re: when to switch bottle nipples?

    If you are away from him 10 hours then 12-14 ounces is within normal. My son, who was petite, would regularly eat 14+ ounces during a 10 hour separation, then wake 3-4 times per night to nurse more....
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    Re: Advisse about baby nourished

    After I posted my reply earlier today I noticed the same thing. Hmmm.
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    Re: Advisse about baby nourished

    Did I read that right? He drinks 8oz bottles? That is double the size of a typical BF baby bottle. 3x8 is 24oz in bottles alone! If that is not a typo, I would cut back on bottle size.

  6. Re: Brand new mom-so overwhelmed with breast feeding

    The latch is going to be on and off for a while, because she is still learning. It will get incrementally better until it is second nature and takes no thought at all. You said the football hold is...
  7. Re: Brand new mom-so overwhelmed with breast feeding

    Newborn baby hands do tend to get in the way. They are their own worst enemy sometimes, but they learn.

    If she is eating often, gaining weight, and having sufficient diaper counts, things sound...
  8. Re: baby constipated nurse wants me to give bottles

    So what you are saying is, the nurse decided to completely ignore the fact that you are breastfeeding, because it is easier to give a stock response for a bottle fed baby than consider your specific...
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    Re: Nursing to Sleep: Time to Stop?

    I would estimate at least 9/10 online resources will tell you to stop nursing/rocking/back-rubbing baby to sleep by the time they are 3 months old. It is pretty much the standard. Because, how else...
  10. Re: Problem about Not responding to Hygeia Pump



    A couple of...
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    Re: Milk reserves

    One thing I found helpful for getting a little freezer stash while on maternity leave was to pump during my first morning nursing session. I would nurse her a couple times overnight, but during that...
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    Re: How to sleep for BF working mom

    Are you living in my house? Because your two kids' sleep patterns sound just like mine! DS didn't sleep through the night until he was a year, waking every 2-4 hours, but DD has slept long...
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    Re: Guidance on starting solids

    We went the Baby-Led Weaning route. http://www.rapleyweaning.com/
    I have the original book, but I hear the recipe book has the basic information along with good recipes.
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    Re: How to sleep for BF working mom

    I do agree that nursing can become a sleep association, but the question of how hard it is to break and when is the best time to break it is where the child's individual temperament comes into play. ...
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    Re: How to sleep for BF working mom

    I agree with this completely. I tried to "teach" my son to sleep without BFing to sleep but all it did was make bedtime take hours. And we did this for a couple of months at different ages. Sleep...
  16. Re: When co-workers bash on breastfeeding

    I would have told him that I still BF'ed my 3 year old. If he had any sense of decency he would have realized that his comment was inappropriate because it was insulting. If he continued down the...
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    Re: dayquil and breastfeeding

    There are a few different formulations, but most of the basic ingredients should be fine. Double check that the decongestant is phenylephrine, NOT pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine can dry up your...
  18. Re: pressure from outsiders to wean 12mo

    Co-workers? Clients? In what universe is that appropriate? I agree that it is completely rude to repeatedly ask and would offer an equally rude response along the lines of "my boobs, my business"....
  19. Re: PLEASE HELP!!!! What is an Ideal diet while breastfeedin

    Why do you have to cut back on eating vegetables? I have heard some people claim that when a mom eats gassy foods it makes the baby gassy, but that is a myth. I little bit of baby gas is not worth...
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    Re: Cereal Confusion

    Rice cereal is the typical recommended first food because it is easy to digest and has a low likelyhood of allergic response. This is especially important if you are starting baby on solids around 4...
  21. Re: How do you build a solid milk supply from day 1?

    How much time do you have after baby before you have to go back to work?

    I would not even touch the pump for the first month, and when you do start pumping only do it once a day to express...
  22. Re: Haven't BF in 4 months is it possible?

    I can't answer your question about bringing back your milk supply, but I can tell you that pumping shouldn't hurt or make you bleed, whether you are lactating or not. Check that your flanges fit...
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    Re: defrosted milk: can refreeze?

    Once milk has been frozen and defrosted you need to use it within 24 hours. Do not refreeze.
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    Re: Not responding to Hygeia Pump

    I did respond to your question in the other thread yesterday, but I have one more observation from my use of the Hygeia. I find that in order to get a let down I have to use what feels like more...
  25. Re: odd things we were told by the hospital

    You wouldn't need to lotion a newborn is the hospital didn't maintain the practice of bathing babies within minutes of them being born. It is unnecessary and bad for their skin.
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