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    Re: I can't keep this up...


    Congratulations on continuing to BF through the struggle ... I know it's hard a lot of mom's decide it's too much and just give up the first sign of trouble!! Give yourself credit (and a...
  2. Blood in my milk when I am pumping - what's going on?

    Hi Ladies!

    Here's a little background - 6 month old boy, EBF'ing, 12 wks maternity leave, now pumping 4 - 5 x / day w/ Madela Pump in Style (PIS) and working full time. I have about 200 oz in the...
  3. Lots of anxiety about going back to work in February - Help!

    I am currently BF'ing my 1 month old son and my DH and I talked about me returning to work in Feb (12 weeks off). BF'ing is going very well (yay!!) and I keep reading all these stories on here about...
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