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    Re: Made it to a year!

    Great job!
  2. Re: Does your toddler get 1000 calories a day?

    On the other hand.... Hubby bought more sausage yesterday. ( all natural Jones sausage links) He eats 2-3 of them at breakfast a few days a week. And I just checked the box and there is 24g per 3...
  3. Re: Does your toddler get 1000 calories a day?

    He used to eat eggs but won't anymore. I have tried.. fried, omlets w cheese, hard boiled. Refuses. Spits them out. NUts we are getting started with... my dd had a peanut allergy but just passed her...
  4. Re: Don't want to wean, but I can't keep weight on..

    I wouldn't stop... heck when not pregnant my normal weight is 112 lbs and Im 5'6. Im normally super thin. Have been my whole life. Im currently pregnant with my third and by the time I am 39 weeks...
  5. Re: Does your toddler get 1000 calories a day?

    Okay... so reading through that thread.. and checking some of the high fat food ds eats. There is no way he gets 40 grams a day.
    Breastmilk has 11 grams per 8 oz... There is no way he is getting...
  6. Re: Does your toddler get 1000 calories a day?

    wow... I gotta read through that thread is so full of info!
    Somedays he does eat more than my 3 1/2 year old.:shrug
    I think my major concern is that DD was still like 75% breastfed at this point so...
  7. Does your toddler get 1000 calories a day?

    Ds is 13 and 1/2 months old. I read that toddlers need about 40 calories per inch of food in a day... so at 28-29ish inches ds would need a little over 1000 calories a day. He is still breastfed but...
  8. advice needed PLEASE re 9 months old diet and pregnancy

    My son turns 10 months old on August 10th. He eats about 10 % solids. I just found out of I am almost 5 weeks pregnant. ( shock of my life...) Anyways... what can I do if my supply tanks?? He only...
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    Re: whole milk

    I don't understand why you would do this either.:shrug Breastmilk is whole milk and its way easier for your son to digest than the protein in cows milk. Doesn't make sense to me.
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    Re: Help. Doc says underweight.

    If your son is underweight my is non exisitant... he will be 9 months on July 10 and is 16 lbs and 26 inches. He is TINY. He only eats bites of solids so basically is still totally breastfed....
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    Re: Is there any harm in waiting?

    Thanks for the link. Its going to be helpful.
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    Re: Peanut butter?

    Never heard of it. My dd is allergic to peanuts. I ate plenty of it while pregnant and nursing. A little over a year old she had some in a cookie that I wasn't aware of... a few months later she...
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    Re: Is there any harm in waiting?

    My son also has reflux... When do you think you will start solids with them?:shrug My ped says they are fine on breastmilk till a year but yesterday at the allergist/ astham doc ( he has asthma and...
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    Re: Is there any harm in waiting?

    When are solids started in other cultures?:shrug I'm just curious.
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    Is there any harm in waiting?

    Ds will be 7 months old in 4 days and he is still EBF. We have food allergies in the family. He still spits up ALOT 50+ times a day. He is small... 15 lbs at 6 months so since breastmilk is fattier...
  16. Re: just back from 6 month checkup... with several questions...

    Blood in stool can be a classic sign of an allergy so keep an eye on that and figure that out before you do any solids.
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    Re: Please Help Mee :(

    Are you sure you aren't talking about my son??? He does all those things. WOn't take a bottle, crys whever I leave him with anyone but daddy, hates his carseat. ITS NORMAL. Some babies are just...
  18. Re: just back from 6 month checkup... with several questions...

    Well I just got back from ds 6 months appointment. He was 15 lbs 2 oz ( 10%) and 25 inches ( 6 %) He gained one inch from months 4-6. He was 13 lbs 9 oz at 4 months. He is really small.
    I am NOT...
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    Re: Poop smells like sulfur/rotten eggs

    Do any of you eat soy??
    I noticed when I drink soy milk or have something heavily soy that ds's farts stink like sulfar and his poops can too sometimes.:shrug
  20. Re: How do others cope with waking up every few hours?

    add me to the sleep deprived club. :lol
    oh man.. lo is almost 5 months and its not getting any better. We had the whole sidecar crib arrangment thing since birth and he would sleep there on and off...
  21. Re: You won't miss a thing, i promise! Just please go to sleep

    My son is only a few weeks older than yours and he does the same thing alot of the time. I can usually get him to fall asleep at the breast but 20 min later he is up again. He is so tired during the...
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    Re: Would you be worried

    He has been spitting up a decent amount since he was 24 hours old. Whats sleep disruption. He is a crappy sleeper anyways... for naps he always wakes up 20 min later because he has to burp or spit...
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    Re: Would you be worried

    I know dd defiantely slowed down in growth and hung out around the 10% for a while... she might still be there. At almost 3 she is 28 lbs. But she didn't drop in growth this early.
    I don't know if...
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    Would you be worried

    if you baby only gained 5 oz between months 4-5?? Roughly ( he was weighed naked on different scales.)
    Birth-7 lbs 9 oz
    2 weeks- 8/5
    6 weeks 10 5
    4 months 13/9
    5 months 13/14
    He is meeting...
  25. Re: Nursing laying down better or worse for a pukey baby?

    So I tried laying him belly to belly on me while I am laying down. So he is sort of on top of my breast. His feet on on the bed and he is upright at an angle draped accross me... that seems to work...
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