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    Breastmilk Storage

    I recently got sick for a week and my breastmilk production drastically decrease. I am attempting to feed and pump frequently to increase my milk supply again.

    Now I get only around 1oz per...
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    Black Dots/Bubble on Nipple


    Recently I've noticed two round black bubble/dots on the side of my nipple. It's not like the dried blood crack but it's more like a bubble. Is this normal? It hurts when I press on it.

  3. Breastmilk Smells Different After Warming?

    I thawed 20oz of frozen breastmilk this morning for my daughter and put it in the refrigerator for today's feeding. Around 4pm I took one bottle out and smelled it before warming it (I've experienced...
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    Re: I can't get him to take a bottle

    My daughter used to have difficulties accepting bottles. She wouldn't accept bottles or even spoon fed while she was being held. I've discovered that it's pretty easy to feed her while she's in her...
  5. Brownish Substance (blood?) in Spit Out and Stool

    These few days my 3 months old daughter has brownish substance in her spit out that looks kind of like dried blood. It happened like 2 days ago. I noticed that I have a small tear in my nipple and my...
  6. Re: Heating Refrigerated Expressed Milk and Giving Cold Milk to Baby Question

    Thank you all for the input.

    If I'm not mistaken, breastmilk could be left out in room temperature up to 4 hours but must be finished within 1 hour if warmed, is that correct?

    My daughter has...
  7. Re: Preparing Breastmilk for Babysitter

    Thanks for the reminder. I didn't know this. I started pumping like 2 weeks after my daughter was born to stock up for work. Now I have a lot of frozen breastmilk. I have a question what is the...
  8. Heating Refrigerated Expressed Milk and Giving Cold Milk to Baby Question


    I have a question about giving baby refrigerated expressed milk. I don't really want to use those bottle warmers to heat because I think they tend to overheat so normally I take out the...
  9. Re: Preparing Breastmilk for Babysitter

    I also froze in 2-4 oz. I read that thawed milk could be kept in the fridge for 24 hours. I've done a test and trial these two days and my baby is quite a handful so the babysitter doesn't have time...
  10. Preparing Breastmilk for Babysitter

    I need to go to work next week and will need to prepare breastmilk for babysitter. I stored my pumped breastmilk in plastic storage in the freezer. Is it ok to thaw the amount that I needed and store...
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    Re: Nightfeeding and Burping

    I'm not sure if this is gas but about 1/2 hour to the time she's starting to wake she tends to be restless. She will sort of stretch, bring her legs up to her stomach and hands straightened above her...
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    Nightfeeding and Burping

    Hi All,

    My 10 weeks old wakes up every almost every 2 hours to feed at night. I think she's just thirsty because she feeds for like 5-10 minutes (slow feeding/sucking) and then fall asleep. I...
  13. Re: Pacifier to Replace Sucking Fingers?

    Thanks for the input. I did read that finger sucking is inevitable and just normal, it will eventually become thumb sucking. However, our mothers, some sitter kept on pushing for me to give her...
  14. Pacifier to Replace Sucking Fingers?

    My 8 weeks old has now started sucking her fingers. Should I allow her to suck her fingers or give her a pacifier instead? I don't really need it for soothing her screaming/crying, but I'm just not...
  15. Re: Baby's Fussy Feeding Right Before Bed

    I think it really might be that she is tired but doesn't want to sleep.

    The episode happened around noon today so it's not exclusive to night time. I stopped the feeding and burped her and just...
  16. Baby's Fussy Feeding Right Before Bed

    My daughter is now 8 weeks and has been breastfeeding without any problems. In fact, she feeds almost every 1 - 2 hours and has a tendency to want to always want to feed whenever I'm nearby or...
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