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  1. Re: Exclusively Expressed Breastmilk-What Bottles?

    We use Avent bottles-- good but sometimes leaky. I hated the medela ones! The gas and discomfort might well be something other than the bottle. Head on down to the allergies forum and check out the...
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    Old Medela PIS vs new PIS

    My old Medela pump in style had been through about 7-8 years of pumping and began to fall apart. Just bought a new Pump in style advanced and CANNOT get the hang of the change. The cycling is weird,...
  3. best breastshield for irritated nipples?

    I use a Medela PIS with plastic personal fit size large breastshields. On day 2 back to work, I notice my left side is already irritated and bleeding a little. Baby is 3 months old so I'm blaming my...
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    First Week at Work

    First day at work full time and the pumping is going well but I need my body to give a little more. Baby girl is 3 months and I'm leaving four 3-4 oz bottles for her in my 10 hour absence. Today I...
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    Re: cleaning pump at work

    I'm in your shoes...going back to work on tuesday after baby #2. The first time I was pretty casual about cleaning. Did NOT like the medela wipes and had the paper towel/drying issue you mention. I...
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    Re: Help with a nursing 3 yr old

    My DS will be 3 in March and he's still nursing in the middle of the night or right when we wake up. Strangely, he has started to go a day or so without asking for milk (I think he either forgets or...
  7. Re: You know you're nursing a preschooler when...

    We were shopping for Halloween costumes and my 2 1/2 year old saw a mannequin wearing a mermaid costume. He wanted me to lift him up so he could see the face and he pointed to the bikini top and...
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    Re: Did you or lo ever have surgery??

    DS has had surgery twice (ear tubes). The first time at 10 months was hard- the second time at 2 years was much easier. He didn't bf after about midnight but the bf was realllllly helpful as he was...
  9. Can you night-wean and still nurse to sleep?

    DS is 27 months- still nurses in the AM, after work, before bed and through the night. I'd like to cut down on the night time nursing but nursing to sleep is our reliable standby. He doesn't ALWAYS...
  10. Re: Open Space Office, where will i pump??!

    I pumped in the bathroom-- not so bad since it was a one-person room (no stalls) and I could set the pump on the counter by the sink. I've also pumped in the storage room (small but a lock on the...
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    Re: Too Frequent night feeds

    Hey Erica-
    Do you use a bedrail? Pillows or comforters? My son is 24mo and we usually co-sleep on a twin bed and I'd like to make the twin bed his. Right now, we fall asleep in one bed, sneak him...
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    Re: Stop pumping at work

    Yep- easy peasy. I dropped down from 4xday to 3x, then 2x then nada. My lo was about 20 months at that point but my supply was dipping by then anyhow. I LOVE not pumping!!!!!! Supply adjusted within ...
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    Re: more help

    My son is 25mo and our situation sounds like yours. I've been doing don't offer/don't refuse for awhile but I work fulltime and the one session he is adamant about not dropping is when I get home...
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    Re: Just curious, a thought...

    I guess as a young'un, I had some health issues and my mom had some supply issues and, once she got me out of the hospital, she had to go to the LLL ladies for some wet nursing help. It was 1972 and,...
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    Re: Just curious, a thought...

    I will say my MOM keeps telling me I'm giving my boy Oedipal issues (I think she means an unhealthy attachment to his mommy) through extended b/f. I think my dh would probably be marginally less...
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    Re: Just curious, a thought...

    Male. Interesting theory. You might be on to something.....
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    Re: DH's ultimatum

    My dh hasn't helped with the nights from day one. Once I realized, when ds was about 9 months, that this meant I would never sleep again, I took to co-sleeping with ds in a twin bed in the baby room....
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    Re: driven near insanity via twiddling

    My 23mo DS is a hair puller. Some nights, I'll pull it back or braid it to keep it away from him. Most days, I just give in and let him grab a clump-- it's easier. I've tried dolls with hair or...
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    Breakfast Ideas for 2 year old

    My ds is 23 months and is less interested in his oatmeal for breakfast these days. He can't do dairy or soy and he hasn't eaten eggs yet either. Any breakfast ideas for working mommies on the go? We...
  20. Re: Should I ask DH how he feels about...

    I'm encouraged by the support of the DHs on this board. Mine was very PRO-BF at first but at the year mark, he thought we should wean. DS is milk/soy allergic, so we agreed to continue but now with...
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    Re: My little story about interviewing

    I've done two academic interviews since DS was born and both were fairly nice about my pumping breaks. In one, I even used the fridge in the staff lounge to store the milk. Alas, I did not get either...
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    I know this may belong in the sleep issues forum, but I thought the replies mught be different for working mamas. What time does your lo go to sleep? I get home from work about 6 PM (luckily, dh...
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    Re: When did you start cycling again

    18 months! I've had one spotty cycle and one regular one but they're not 28 days apart yet. More like 40. I only pump 1x day and nurse about 3x a night. I was reallllly enjoying their absence but I...
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    Re: Mastitis. Day #4 -Please help

    Heating pad!
    Hot, warm, wet compresses ALL THE TIME.
    And maybe a different, stronger antibiotic. Sometimes quick care clinics are more willing to dispense this, partiularly on the weekends. My OB...
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    Re: rice milk

    We do oatmeal with rice milk all the time. DS doesn't like the vanilla kind, so we use the plain rice milk from rice dream. I put it on my cereal too. Yummy!
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