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  1. Re: Help! Having LOTS of trouble weaning my 14 m/o

    I have a bit of a funny idea. I found that at that age, my daughter wanted to nurse very often like yours, and I started to realize it was a bit of a control issue - like 'I want to know that I can...
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    Re: Avent Isis Manual Pump

    My friend's Avent Isis pump cracked as described above and she called the company and they sent her the part for free. Worth a try! Mine cracked there too but is still useable. It must be a flaw in...
  3. Re: Going to sleep without nursing/Refusing to drink milk

    We experienced both of those things with dd#1.

    Some feedings were easier to eliminate than others, but what worked the best for us was having someone else help with the sleep routines. For us, my...
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    Re: Breast Tenderness after weaning

    I'll be waiting for an answer to this one, too. I'm not on any BCP. I weaned dd two weeks ago and never experienced any engorgement. However, now certain parts of my breasts feel a bit bruised. If I...
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