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  1. Breastfeeding and IQ new research

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    "My friend breastfed my baby"

  3. Breastfeeding for 18 mths would save NHS money

  4. Re: Social class, breastfeeding and life chances

    Hello again,

    I don't want to upset people. I hope I haven't. I attempted (and perhaps failed) to write my initial post in a tone that would be encourage discussion but not criticise individuals. I...
  5. Social class, breastfeeding and life chances


    I wonder if this article might rattle a few cages, I, however, think it raises some very important...
  6. Breastfeeding problems linked to injection after birth

  7. Domperidone and breastfeeding - benefits outweigh risks

  8. Re: Weaning is just around the corner

    A number of people here (including me) have tried the Dr Jay Gordon method for night weaning. That could possibly be a starting point for you? If you google his name it's not hard to find. All the...
  9. Mothers share experiences of breastfeeding beyond 12 months

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    Re: Tonight is the night!

    Thank you, it went better than expected, she did cry but it wasn't too extreme, daddy was giving her lots of cuddles. It felt a bit sad but I'm really proud of her for how she handled it!
  11. Re: Weaning 18 mo old "cold turkey"??

    I am not there yet but I think I have heard it is normal for 18 month olds to start wanting more again, so I think this may be a phase that will pass relatively soon if you wish to continue nursing a...
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    Tonight is the night!

    So, we're giving the Jay Gordon night weaning thing a go tonight... But nervous, wondering if I'll have the energy to see it through! Also excited at the prospect of longer sleep stretches,...
  13. Re: Mother has hit the wall after natural weaning.

    I think people above have made some great points. Also, I might think that sometimes you're able to keep going because you HAVE to, like when your son was ill. Now the situation has calmed somewhat...
  14. Breastfeeding 'cuts depression risk', according to study

    New study shows breastfeeding can halve the risk of developing post-natal depression http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/health-28851441 but also highlights how mothers who are unable to breastfeed and would...
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    Re: 11 Month old won't eat solids

    I read the book mentioned above as my daughter was/is similar. Very helpful! She's nearly 13 months and has taken slightly more interest in solids in the last week or so, I think perhaps because she...
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    Milk and water?


    I have a question, my 12 month old daughter still has a negligible interest in solids which I have kinda made my peace with for the moment, so I am still breastfeeding a lot. My query is how...
  17. Re: Can increased nursing affect my periods once they return

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