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    Re: Length of BF sessions?

    The good news is that's normal, even better news is that it gets better!
    In the beginning is really intense, no matter how you feed your baby.

    Do you have older kids? It's really important...
  2. Re: friend said no to baby wise! But needs help!

    I'd tell her about skin to skin contact. That's a GREAT way to calm everyone down and encourages nursing.
    :clap What a great friend you are helping out!!
  3. Re: Help - I had to supplement & am now trying to introduce breastfeeding

    You've gotten some really great info so far! You can do this! It does take some time so give some room for two steps forward and one step back.
    You might think about giving her a little bit in a...
  4. Re: New mom and need advice - sorry so long

    Glad you guys got some sleep!! It does take some practice but totally worth it.

    Look for a Lactation Consultant with an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) credential. You...
  5. Re: New mom and need advice - sorry so long


    We're happy to have you here! That's awesome your determined to make breastfeeding work. In the beginning is not always easy, but it's very doable!
    It sounds like you guys are doing...
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    Re: what is satisfied?

    Could it be teething or possibly trying to fight off an illness?
    Do you have a sling you could put her in? Maybe she really wants to be held close to you and nursing is a way she gets that. That...
  7. Re: Co-Sleeping & Bottle Feeding Q's?

    Pumping right now is extra in addition to your actual supply!! So your body will have to learn to create a extra supply for this new pump baby. Then when your pumping to replace a nursing session...
  8. Re: Amount consumed is greater than amount pumped - has she been going hungry?

    :ita Some babies will happily suck down a bottle even if they aren't the least bit hungry! Especially if they are set down after a bottle (like at daycare, maybe they just want to continue to be held...
  9. Re: Amount consumed is greater than amount pumped - has she been going hungry?

    :ita The previous poster has some really good links!
    You can overfeed with a bottle no matter what's in it, it's the delivery system that's the problem.

    You can help prevent overfeeding by...
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    Re: Refusing the cradle hold

    Oh! I read that wrong. 10.5 weeks, it's possible that teeth could have something to do with it.
    Is she drooling or trying to gum things? It's possible that she could have something sore going on,...
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    Re: Q about amounts at 1 year

    bumping this up for ya :gvibes

    Usually you'll find that your baby will start to take some more solids and take less milk gradually on their own.
    Your breastmilk is still a GREAT source of...
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    Re: Refusing the cradle hold

    I think that's a good idea to get a second opinion. Way to trust your mama gut.
    For a 10 day old it would be very unlikely to be anything with teeth, usually that starts around 2-3 months at the...
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    Re: Refusing the cradle hold

    Has she had a recent check up? Sometimes things like an ear infection can cause pain to lay on just one side. Check to make sure nothing is tender or red on her on that side.

    Since she nurses...
  14. Re: I just found some frozen BM in deep frzr--still good?

    Was it in the bottom or was the freezer not opened a lot? You might do a taste/smell test just to be sure. Try it on yourself first to see how it is, I hope it turns out ok!!
  15. Re: Help! Supply issue after 3 days of no Bfing

    It may be that she's got a bit of a bottle preference too, so be patient with her. Your supply may have taken a small hit but should bounce right back with a little dedication.
    A nursing vacation...
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    Re: Nervous baby?


    Maybe it's possible that you've got too much milk or an over active let down. That can cause your baby to come off the breast when you've had a let down. Does she choke or sputter at the...
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    Re: Active nurser

    This is pretty normal!! Although that doesn't mean it's something anyone wants to happen.
    Most of the time this comes up with babies who are a little older, but there are some things you can try...
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    Re: breastmilk jaundice

    That's awesome your little one is putting on the weight!! There are two "types" of jaundice. One is normal (breastmilk) jaundice and the other is not-enough-breastmilk jaundice.

    It sounds like...
  19. Re: New mom has lots of questions

    :welcome and congrats on your new little one!

    That's good that he's doing so well, I'm sorry your having a hard time feeding him. Sometimes with babies born early they don't "wake up" or take...
  20. Re: I'm tired of feeling like a failure

    Oh and I also wanted to say that YOU are not a failure. You were failed in a lot of ways with the circumstances you were put in, that's not your fault.
    It's ok to give yourself time to grieve what...
  21. Re: I'm tired of feeling like a failure

    It sounds like your doing everything right mama, I'm so sorry that you've had such a hard start. :hug
    The thing I would suggest is time. Keep doing what your doing, but it takes time. I've heard...
  22. Re: i am starting work in a week and i need help with pumping

    bump! :gvibes
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    Re: Dry Nipples

    :ita Breastmilk is good at helping to heal. Check to make sure that your flanges are the correct size for you. If your rubbing your flange wrong that could be causing it....
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    Re: feeding stored milk

    Yes the reason they say to not offer the bottle again is because saliva and bacteria from babies mouth/outside source can get in the milk. It's always better to split bottles into small amounts to...
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    Re: Second hand Pumps

    Bump! :gvibes LLL has this to say about second hand pumps, the PIS is an "open" system. http://www.llli.org/llleaderweb/LV/LVJunJul04p54.html
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