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    Has my milk gone bad?

    I pump and store my excess milk in the back of our refrigerator's freezer at the end of the workday. I store it in the Lasinoh breast milk storage bags.

    When I would thaw a bag out, the milk had...
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    Re: What pump do you suggest?!

    I have a Medela Pump in Style Advanced double-breasted electric pump. I've had it for 2 years now, and it's still going fine. It operates off electricity OR 8 AA batteries if you need to travel and...
  3. Re: Physiological or Psychological? Advi

    Thank you so much for all the replies and encouragement! I pumped this morning and got 7oz! I sent him with 3 4oz bottles and 1 2.5oz backup today. I didn't have to dip into my freezer supply to...
  4. Re: Physiological or Psychological? Advi

    I nurse in the morning and right when I get home plus on all weekend. Nursing over lunch wouldn't work because of distance, but that would be great if I could. At work I pump at 10am, 12:30, and...
  5. Re: Physiological or Psychological? Advi

    I thought so too, but I was going on what the pediatrician said. He didn't say anything about 1.5 oz per hour away. Thank you so much!! He told me that wasn't gaining weight fast enough so I...
  6. Physiological or Psychological? Advice?

    I can get about 11 oz on a good day from pumping at work. At each session, I pump (with compressions) and then hand express as much as I can after that, but it never amounts to more than a half...
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