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  1. Re: Trouble latching on/Getting off the nipple shield

    I had the same problem with my son, as soon as we got home from the hospital, he REFUSED to latch on without a nipple shield. And with all honesty, I had to use that stinkin' shield for 11 weeks!!!...
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    Re: Vitamin D supplement

    We were told to use the TriViSol vitamins with our son. We now use PolyViSol, but it is very bitter, and your little one may not accept it as well. It has Vitamin D and 2 other vitamins, can't...
  3. Re: what pacifier is closest to my nipple?

    My son used a soothie at first, and then we switched to Gerber pacies. They are shaped a lot like the nipple as well, but they are flat on top. We ended up using these as opposed to the soothies, and...
  4. Re: cuts on nipples - IMPORTANT - need help now

    Lanolin does help with that, and also try a nipple shield. It can give your actual nipples a break while they are trying to heal, but you don't have to give up on giving your child your actual breast.
  5. Re: Should I get over this fear of formula?

    I was the same way the first few months with my son. I was terrified of formula. I didn't want him to prefer it over my milk. I wasn't having a milk supply problem, but at 4 months I started student...
  6. Re: Need some support - relactating after 3 months

    I have been looking into doing this with my 16 month old. I stopped nursing him at one year, and now I miss it so much. I don't know if he'll accept it, but I just told my husband I'm going to try it...
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    Re: What is going on?

    Could it possibly be colic? I know when both my brother had it, and my friend's daughter had it, they both got it in the evening and into the night. It was reallllly hard for a couple of months, but...
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    Re: Hating Breast Feeding Want to Quit

    Have you tried using a nipple shield for the pain? My son wouldn't latch on to me at ALL for the first 11 weeks, so I had to nurse him always with a nipple shield. He eventually latched onto me, but...
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    Re: Still a leaky focet

    I stopped nursing four months ago and I still have milk as well. The other night I even leaked a little bit because I had a dream about nursing!! I though that was pretty weird... but yeah I guess...
  10. Re: BM almost sole source of nutrition at 20+ months ?

    Just keep trying!!! After 12 months your child does need more nutrients than just breastmilk. I wouldn't worry too much about cows milk, I think breastmilk takes care of that, but you do need to just...
  11. Re: Pediatrician doesn't support nursing a toddler

    Enfamil is NOT the same as breast milk. If you read any literature from a formula company, they even say that breastmilk is the best thing for a baby. Unfortunately, you may just have to keep...
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    Back to breastfeeding?

    I stopped nursing my son right before his first birthday. Once his top teeth came in, it was just wayyyy too painful to keep nursing. He weaned fabulously and it was really easy. Now I find myself...
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