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  1. Re: Rash around sides of lips...teething?

    It turned out to be the yogurt. She loves cheese and has no reaction to it. It must be something in the yogurt that bothers her. I was surprised how fast the rash appeared.
  2. Rash around sides of lips...teething?

    Our DD has been trying out solids more so within the last week & half. She has also been drooling a ton & putting everything she can get her hands on in her mouth. She is 9.5 mos. I've offered her...
  3. Doctor says cut back on nursing...need advice

    I took our DD to her 9 month well-baby check up and the Dr. says she's addicted to nursing. She has not been interested in solids and only eats them once in a while. She has no teeth yet, but has...
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    Is this from teething?

    Our DD is 9 mos. and the last two days she has had 4 stinky lime green poopy diapers. She has had a little bit of white bread, gummed on a bit of pizza (bread & sauce) that was Saturday. Otherwise...
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    Need Advice with Fenugreek use

    My milk supply dropped after a recent illness that affected both myself and my DD who is almost 9 mos. I was advised by my dr. to take fenugreek. I purchased a bottle of Nature's Herbs Fenugreek...
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    Odd Poopy Diapers - Help!

    My DD is 8 mos. old and is teething quite badly and so I have given her Hyland's teething tablets as well as an animal cracker to gum on. Since I have done this for one week now her poopy diapers...
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    Re: Is this a nursing strike?

    I think were over the strike. She nips me if she's not interested, so I learned, rather quickly ;) to give up trying to nurse her. The last two days she's been nursing a lot, yesterday I nursed her...
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    Is this a nursing strike?

    I'm not sure what is going on with DD. She is 7 mos old, drooling/teething off and on lately, but my concern is with nursing. She sleeps with us and has cut down her feedings to one at 11:45 - 12...
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    Should I start feeding solids daily?

    My DD is almost 7 months. I've fed her solids 4 times now since she turned 6 mos. The first time on 1/27/2006 was mashed bananas. She seemed to love it. She ate quite a bit and didn't spit any of...
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