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  1. Re: When during the day to feed baby first foods?

    These are great replies! Thanks! I am going to look into the baby lead weaning approach. I like the philosophy.

    One thing, I have read such conflicting information about babies and iron and i'm...
  2. When during the day to feed baby first foods?

    I'm confused on when during the day to offer my baby his first foods. He is EBF.
    Dr. Sears states:
    If breastfeeding, try offering solid foods toward the end of the day, when your milk supply is...
  3. how long is it okay to go at night without feeding?

    My 21 week old (almost 5 months) has just started sleeping at 9pm (last feed at 8pm) and getting up at 7am for his first feed of the day. Before this, he didn't go to sleep until 11 or 12, but we...
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    oatmeal and iron question

    I'll be starting solids at just about 6 months and I'm wondering if it's okay to start with oatmeal rather than rice cereals. With all the controversy over the nutritional value of rice cereal, it...
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    High Chair recommendation

    Does anyone have a particular high chair they recommend? I'm sort of overwhelmed with the options out there! Thanks!
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    vitamin D drops?

    My pediatrician suggested giving vitamin D drops to my 3 mos old as i'm EBF. I bought the Enfamil drops but they taste pretty nasty to me, and it seems like a lot of sugar! Does anyone have...
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    feeding every 2 hours at 15 weeks?

    Is it normal that my baby breastfeeds every 2 hours from 7am until 11pm, at 15 weeks? After the 11pm feed he does sleep through the night without being fed.

    I feel like compared to other moms who...
  8. Re: Gas and severe crying after bottle-feeding

    Great advice; I'll try different nipples/bottles. The nipple was Born Free's slowest flow, but maybe different manufacturers are really different.

    The bottle is pumped breastmilk - about 4 oz. I...
  9. Gas and severe crying after bottle-feeding

    I just started giving a bottle for one of my LO's night feedings (so that I can get a break) but he is super fussy right after, and about an hour later is screaming, crying, kicking out his legs and...
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    Pumping at night

    My 10 week old just started sleeping a good 7 hour stretch at night. I am exclusively breastfeeding with the exception of one bottle at night that my husband gives. My question is, should I get up...
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