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  1. Re: Weaning Dilemma - Timeline - Cold Turkey and OS

    I went "cold turkey" with my first and would NOT recommend it! I was in intense pain for 4-5 days! (and she was only 3 1/2 months old so she wasn't drinking nearly as much in a day as an older...
  2. Re: Beginning solids...where's the poop I say?

    My daughter had issues with pooping when she was young. The pediatrician said to add more fruit and juice to my diet in addition to giving her pear juice. He said that apple juice works for some...
  3. Re: Help! DD is gone for 24 hrs. When do I pump?

    My dd refused to drink from a bottle this morning, so my mom panicked and brought her home at 7am. She wasn't even gone 24 hours. I got about 8 oz of pumped milk overnight. She seemed to be nursing...
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    Re: Issue with wanting to breastfeed

    I was on the fence about bf my first daughter. She took to it fairly easily, but she was an easy baby. I felt (as you do) that I just wanted to get my body back. At 3 months, I gave up the fight...
  5. Re: Help! DD is gone for 24 hrs. When do I pump?

    Mom also takes care of my grandfather (92 years old with Leukemia) so coming back overnight isn't an option.
    Thanks for the quick response! I guess I'd better go pump!
  6. Help! DD is gone for 24 hrs. When do I pump?

    I spent the morning in the ER with Kidney Stones.... I'm home now. On pain meds and waiting for them to pass. Since I still felt bad when I got home, my mother took my daughter to her house for the...
  7. Re: Advice about breastfeeding infant with a toddler at home

    Someone mentioned getting out of the house with 2 kids... When DD2 was born, I was terrified to leave the house with 2 lo's under 2! My husband and my mother both told me to just do it or I'd go...
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    Re: Won't take bottle

    I went through this with my dd2. She is also anti plastic (no bottles or paci's... she's a thumb sucker!) I'm a SAHM, so the bottle issue wasn't pressing until about a month ago when I had to be...
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    Re: head scratcher...

    My DD1 did that before falling asleep. It was always our cue that she was getting tired. She'd reach up and start rubbing her head and we'd grab her favorite blanketie and pacifier and put her to...
  10. Re: Advice about breastfeeding infant with a toddler at home

    My DD1, Katie was 19 months when DD2, Allie was born. I thought it would be harder than it was, but Katie did watch quite a few Barneys (On Demand!) while I was feeding the baby! I don't recommend...
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    Re: Please, help.

    I don't know if my experiences can help you or not, but here's my story. My lo is 4 months and up until 3 weeks ago she was only sleeping 2-3 hours a stretch at night at the longest. We don't...
  12. Re: coughing and spitting up related to teething?

    My DD2 "fake" coughs for attention (4 months). She will occasionally cough so much she makes herself sick, but that is rare. My DD1 fake coughed too and I don't remember her getting sick from it. ...
  13. Re: mom wants to continue but dad has doubts...frustrated

    My DD2 was the same way at one month... She would fuss from about 6-10 pm then she would be fine the rest of the day! In the fussy period there was no consoling her except when she was bf, but then...
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    Re: night weaning

    Jojo, my dd2 is just about 4 months and she went from sttn at 2 months to getting up 3-4 times! Then last week, I was so exhausted I just refused to get up when she cried just 1/2 hour after I fell...
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    Re: Increasing milk supply

    My dd1 used similac, but I've heard that enfamil is easier for babies to digest. not sure about the amount. Could you just leave the formula with your care giver and she/he can make more as needed?
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    Re: Scheduling/Feeding/Sleeping???

    I read babywise before my first daughter was born. I tried to schedule her from day 1 and it lasted about 1 day:eye!!! She did whatever she wanted when she wanted. Around 6 months I realized that...
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    Re: More & More nightfeeding..

    I don't have any advice, buy my dd is working on the exact same schedule! It's exhausting (my hubby thinks that since we're asleep from 10 to 6 I'm getting enough sleep... yeah right! he sleeps...
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    Re: Prenatals while BF/

    I'd still take the prenatals... try gripe water for gassiness.
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    Re: Ok to let LO drop a feeding

    I would say you're fine... my first dd was on the identical schedule which she set for herself! Good luck and you're doing great!:clap
  20. Re: How often do you BF your 3 or 4 month old?

    My dd2 is about 3 1/2 months old now. She eats every 2-4 hours during the day. Occasionally she does longer during the night, but lately she's been sticking around 3-4 hours at night too. I'm not...
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    Re: Natural Remedy for THRUSH??

    On your days off do you do Nystatin, or nothing? I'm hoping the GV works! I can't wait to give it a shot next week (I feel so vain waiting, but I don't think the grandparents/ great-grandparents...
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    Re: Natural Remedy for THRUSH??

    I'm also battling Thrush and have been for quite some time (since dd was 6 weeks! She's almost 15 weeks now!) I tried the nystatin for both lo and me... after 2 rounds, she seems fine but I'm not! ...
  23. Re: fenugreek & nursing/napping questions

    I don't know anything about risks for fenugreek:shrug... but there is a warning on my prenatal vitamins to consult a dr if you are pregnant or breastfeeding! (DUH!:lol) I think they just put those...
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    Re: Not Eating BM

    Another solution may be to separate the bm and solids up... I always gave my dd1 her bm first, waited an hour then solids. That way she was hungry for bm and had a chance to get hungry again for...
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    Re: Newbie here with pacifier question!

    My dd1 loves her paci! She started using it a birth! (She had horrible hiccups 6-10 times a day and the ped said sucking would help!) We started with the "Soothie" paci that was given to us at the...
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