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  1. 20 month old waking at night constantly to nurse

    I am not ready to wean my 20 month old son but I need some help here! He has suddenly started waking at night and wanting me to nurse him back to sleep. I get up and nurse him and an hour later he...
  2. Re: can we re-teach a toddler how to nurse?

    I had a very similar situation with my children. I stopped nursing my 8 month old son when I was pregnant with my second son because of soreness. I always felt terrible that I didn't keep going. ...
  3. Re: 6 weeks & struggling - poor latch, tongue tie *LONG*

    I had the exact same experience with my first son. You can do it, I know how painful it is, hang in there! At 8 weeks I had to start pumping and bottle feeding because my son just smashed my...
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    Green poop?

    My 11 week old son has been having green poop for the last several days. It is also somtimes a little mucousy and doesn't smell the greatest. Prior to this it had been thick, yellow, creamy and...
  5. Re: Please help, 6 week old slurping nipple in/out of mouth

    I was on the lookout for the thrush but so far his mouth looks clear. He did nurse better the last time I nursed him so I am thinking he may just be exhausted and not wanting to put alot of effort...
  6. Please help, 6 week old slurping nipple in/out of mouth

    Darn it! We had just kicked thrush and then my 6 week old got a fever and had to be hospitalized for three days on IV antibiotics. Long story short, he was nursing well but having a little trouble...
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    Re: Something is VERY wrong here

    I too am battling thrush, so I feel your pain mama! The best thing to do is to find an LC who supports you and trusts your instincts about your own body. Also, from all that I have read on this...
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    Re: Vitamin D and Thrush Question

    As long as you and baby are comfortable nursing there would be no need to treat the baby for thrush. The only reason for treating thrush would be if baby was not nursing well or if mom's nipples...
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    Bright Pink Nipples

    I have been on Diflucan 100 mg, (started with 200mg loading dose), as a treatment for thrush. It has been 3 days and my nipples are still bright pink and some pain with nursing although it is been...
  10. Re: Anyone had sucess with Nystatin in treating thrush in NB's mouth?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I am on day three of the nystatin and am going to stick it out. His thrush seemed very mild so I think this might work. I am also going to ask my lc on Monday...
  11. Anyone had sucess with Nystatin in treating thrush in NB's mouth?

    I noticed a few white spots in my 3 weeks old son's mouth and my lc prescribed nystatin for him and topical lotrimin on nipples for me. She said that we would start with this and if it doesn't work...
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    Anti-candida tea??

    I was looking for a recipe for anti-candida tea. I contains Pau D'arco, burdock and lemongrass. I was just wondering if anyone had any other dietary suggestions for killing yeast. I know no carbs...
  13. Night weaning at 8 months because of sore nipples?

    My lo is almost 8 months old and Is nursing anywhere from 2-3 times a night. He goes to bed in his crib in his room and when he wakes I nurse him in our bed and when he falls asleep I return him to...
  14. Re: Ok, so this has been a frustrating day!!

    Thanks everyone! I couldn't stand it anymore and I finally ended up popping the milk blister! Immediately it started to pour milk, I nursed my lo and my breast was flaccid afterwards, what a...
  15. Ok, so this has been a frustrating day!!

    Arg! I think I have posted twice on here already today! I feel desperate and needy but I need the advice:) I am pretty sure the white spot on my breast isn't thrush, but a milk blister in...
  16. Re: Think I may be losing supply??

    Makes sense, thanks for the help! I know that I was making extra milk because even after he would nurse my breasts would be full and sometimes I wasn't sure if he was even making it to the hind...
  17. Re: Think I may be losing supply??

    BTW, I am feeding solids twie dailly but nothing major, he is not super interested!
  18. Think I may be losing supply??

    I have noticed in the last few days that my breasts are not nearly as full as they have been all along. My lo is 6 months old and we had trouble in the beginning so I have pumped alot but I really...
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    Re: Dry Diaper

    I guess I can't tell you whether or not this is normal but this has happened to us a couple of times as well. I EP and give my lo his last bottle at about 10pm and he sleeps until about 5am when I...
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    Re: Problems with my husband and BF

    Bottom line is that no matter what method of feeding you are using, feeding an INFANT is time consuming. As stated in pp's, formula takes an equal amount of time to prepare and can be just as time...
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    Re: Fussy baby, low milk supply

    :hug:hug:hugI am sorry to hear that you are having a tough time! It sounds like you are doing all the right things and have good supportive people around you. Have you thought about pumping a...
  22. Re: Anyone else hand express after you pump?

    Wow, I just watched the video while pumping and then hand expressed aferwards, amazing!! I will say it was mildly painful but this is a great link for mothers who don't get alot of milk when they...
  23. Re: How do you know what size flanges you need?

    I asked the same question after getting conflicting information about flange sizes on another website. Here is what I was told. 1) If alot of your areola is being pulled into the flange then you...
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    Re: when to buy breast pump

    I didn't think I would need a pump because I planned on being at home and never ever giving my lo a bottle, lol! Looking back the best advice that I could give anyone is that you should have a pump...
  25. Re: EP and want to get back to EBF, need some advice:-)

    Thanks for the link mama! I was wondering why you started EPing?? Latch issues as well?? My lo's latch is getting better but stilll not perfect. Part of me is just scared to ditch the pump and go...
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