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  1. Re: The most beautiful comment on nursing

    Wow that is an amazing comment, thank you for sharing! Such encouragement :)
  2. Re: Made it to 1 year, he drinks like a newborn again!

    Thank you ladies for the encouragement! :)

    We just got back from a visit to my family (they live 600miles away) and we stayed there for a week. Little man ate like a big man! No idea what was...
  3. Made it to 1 year, he drinks like a newborn again!

    So we made it to 1 year! :cheer
    I am so very proud of myself to have achieved that. It has always been my goal and now that we've reached it, I am very happy.
    However, my DS suddenly lost interest...
  4. Re: 9 month old still waking up several times at night

    Dear mama,

    first of all you are doing great! :)

    Could it be that he misses you during the day and wants to nurse during the night? It could also be his way of increasing your supply.
  5. Poll: Re: High Lipase and Gallbladder issues?

    I am now two weeks gallbladder free (and pain free yay!). I pumped to store twice since the operation and I haven't noticed anything different. Sorry that I can't be much of help. :/
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    Re: Nursing only at home

    Hmm, I did not even consider a nursing strike. He was and still is a very eager (and slightly impatient) little bird. Starts fussing as soon as he hears my bra unclick! I think for now we are in the...
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    Nursing only at home

    My 9 month old son all of a sudden refuses to nurse anywhere else but at home (where I nurse on demand). For the holidays we visited my in-laws and he went for 4 hours straight without nursing or...
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    Re: A couple random questions

    Hello :)

    First thing that comes to mind while reading your questions is: how is your letdown? Is it very strong? And general milk flow?
    My little one was acting very similarly around the same...
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    Re: Breastfeeding and Surgery

    Oh wow, so many misinformations! :/
    I'm so sorry you had to deal with that... I just had my gallbladder out 5 days ago and I stayed in a hospital over night because anesthesia was a bit brutal on...
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    Re: 3 days old...1 dirty diaper...ok?

    Hello and congratluations! :)

    I just went and checked my own breastfeeding/pee/poop diary from when my son was a newborn. He also pooped right after he was born (luckily not on me hehe) and after...
  11. Poll: Re: High Lipase and Gallbladder issues?

    I am about to have my gallbladder removed.. I'll come back to this if I notice anything funny!
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    Re: Night waking and nursing

    Almost crying here while reading all these replies. My 8 month old wakes up two to three times a night to eat as well. Last night was a complete nightmare, we did try co sleeping but he's just not...
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    Re: 4 month old- help

    Hello :)

    There are a couple of things that spring to mind here:
    -how's your milk supply and let down reflex? My little guy fussed a whole lot because he was simply getting too much in his mouth...
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    Re: 4 month old baby wakes up every hour

    PP's have already covered all the bases, I just want to add my experience: my son had this typical '4 month sleep regression' and it lasted till he was around 6 months old. Now he is 7 months old and...
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    Re: Banana peels and the like

    Wow, fruit cleaner spray? I had no idea such thing exists..Though I am not sure I can get it in the Netherlands.

    It makes sense it's all a learning process but it gets a bit heartbreaking when...
  16. Re: Freezing milk after a few days - is it safe?

    I always did that and so far had no problems with it. It was mostly cause I would forget about it and remember it the next day. Couldn't see it in the fridge either cause I place it so far behind.. ...
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    Re: Banana peels and the like

    sassypants: No, I don't have that book. I got another one from a children's dietitian that is advocating this method in the Netherlands (currently living here, was at one of his presentations) but it...
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    Banana peels and the like

    A quick (probably slightly) question:
    Those who practice BLW, how do you offer fruit like bananas, melons etc?
    I am a bit uncomfortable with leaving the peel on cause of all the chemicals and...
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    Re: Vit D supplements?

    We live in an area where we don't get much sun (summer was an exception) and rainy days already started so we do supplement. I did not supplement when we went to vacation and it was sunny all day...
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    Re: Consistency question

    I have a 6 month old too and was wondering the same thing. Then I just kinda started sitting him down around my own lunch time (which I always plan in between his feedings) and offer him...
  21. Re: A little bit of this and that, confusion at 6 months

    I don't think anyone blamed my mom cause she wasn't very open about it (though I really should ask her about it). But you are right, I am a bit.. weird about my sleeping still. That's why night time...
  22. Re: A little bit of this and that, confusion at 6 months

    Thank you so much for all these kind words. :)

    We've had a great day today, pediatrician consult went great (he really is 7.5kg, that basically means he trippled his birth weight! On my milk only!...
  23. A little bit of this and that, confusion at 6 months

    I've posted once before, in a newborn section when we were dealing with oversupply. That seems to have resolved on its own (well my son also turned 6 months and has a way easier time dealing with...
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    Re: A little support please

    Thank you, it means a lot!

    We had a rough night again, mostly because my left breast was acting up and spraying milk like I've never seen it before! I even sprayed myself in the eye...
    Of course...
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    A little support please

    New mommy of a 9 week old baby boy here.
    I basically need just some encouragement and reassurance that I am not screwing things up. ;)

    He was born at 37 weeks because I got ill during...
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