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    Re: Baja Produccion de Leche

    Hola helenaguirre, bienvenida al foro! Y felicidades por tu bebe!

    Tengo unas preguntas solo para aclarar y puede que eso afecte luego las sugerencias. Todavia estas usando biberon, supongo? Si es...
  2. Re: experiencias con bebes prematuros?


    No tengo experiencia con bebes prematuros, pero nosotros empezamos a introducir solidos despues de 6 meses, y empezamos con una cosa cada semana por el tema de las alergias. Si le das muchas...
  3. Stem cells in Breast Milk may be passed to baby!

    I'm not a fan of all the genetically modified stuff... but ignoring that they played with genetically modified mice, I think this article was very interesting. From all the stem cell research going...
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    Re: I think my pedi is wrong

    :ita with PP's.

    Don't stop BF'ing. Have you ate anything different that may have caused her an allergic reaction? If you did, try cutting that for a while, and then slowly introduce it back in...
  5. Re: allergies antihistamines ovulation and supply

    Have you tried using a neti pot? or some saline nasal spray (the regular one, not the one that is "medicated")?

    I suffer from allergies, especially in the spring (ugh pollen!!), and I have found...
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    Re: intolerante a la lactosa ayuda

    Hola! Y disculpa que nadie haya constestado antes.

    Si en realidad tu bebe es intolerante a la "proteina de leche" -- porque en realidad los adultos son los que son intolerantes a la lactosa-- no...
  7. Re: 5 month old waking 4-5 times a night!

    Could it be maybe the temperature in the room? too hot? too cool? Or something bothering her like her PJs or the mattress where she sleeps, or something like that?
    Or, could she have an ear...
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    Re: To get or not to get (a new pump)

    Thanks for all the responses!

    Yeah, I was more concern about the wearing of the motor and all that... plus I've read some about contamination? Like some milk can get in the pump itself and then...
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    To get or not to get (a new pump)

    Hello Ladies

    So... we are so very happy, we are expecting #2 due in May 2015!

    I was just wondering... I BF'd my DD, now 2.5 yo, for about 18 months. I put the pump away at about 12 months, and...
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    Re: Mi bebe no mama todo lo que debe!

    Hola! Me alegro que haya ayudado!

    Si el pezon tiene forma de lapiz labial nuevo, y por los chasquidos, seguramente tienes que corregir el acople. Hay muchos videos en linea que puedes ver si lo...
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    Re: Mi bebe no mama todo lo que debe!

    Hola! Y bienvenida al foro!

    Recuerdo que mi nena se quedaba dormida al pecho y tenia problemas con el volumen de leche que producia. Fui a consultarme con una LLLI y tuvimos que corregir varias...
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    Re: Back to Work Stress

    What filmmommy recommended about pumping on your commute time if possible is a good idea. Maybe you can pump on the way there, once during your break, maybe lunch time?, and once on the way back? is...
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    Re: Back to Work Stress

    Hey there, and welcome to the forum!

    First, take a deeeeeeeep breath :levitate. I think we all, who went back to work with the breastfeeding determination, went thru some stress, just like you. If...
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    Re: un año!!!!!

    Excelente!! Felicidades!!!
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    Re: pump weaning advice/experiences


    I did pump wean around 12 months old. It was a gradual weaning, I used to pump 4 times a day, then cut one session for a week to let my body adjust, then cut another session the following...
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    Re: Mi bebe no come!

    Hola catica.m!

    No tengo ningun consejo porque no he pasado por una experiencia como la tuya, pero queria mandarte abrazos :hug y fuerza para sigas intentando.
    No veo nada malo con lo que estas...
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    Re: Pumping at Work

    Oatmeal and fenugreek worked on my supply when I had supply issues (which doesn't seem to be an issue for you at all!!). I also baked lactation cookies, which are made with oatmeal, flaxseed and...
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    MIT breast pump hackathon winner

    I just saw this on the news, and I thought I'd share with y'all.
    (sorry if I posted on the wrong forum!)

    I'm just so glad technology is improving the breast pumps!!!
  19. Re: Cuanto puede durar el dolor del pezon

    Hola @ilusionalia

    Yo creo que tienes que corregir la manera que tu bebe agarra el pecho. Generalmente las grietas asi son causadas por mala posicion al amamantar. De que forma sale tu pezon una...
  20. Re: Un pecho seco y el otro lleno de leche!?

    Primero que nada, una pregunta: que te hace pensar que no produces en un pecho? Llega un momento en que tu cuerpo se ajusta a la demanda de tu bebe, y produces solo lo necesario para ahorrar energia....
  21. Re: Pump only expressing milk during simulation

    How long do you leave the pump on in the expression stage? Sometimes I had to pump for over 30 min to get two good letdowns, and I had it set on a medium-low suction level. My boobs didn't like a...
  22. Re: Mi hijo mama muchisimo! y sigue con hambre, mamá primeri

    Hola ichacarriel!

    Tu situacion se parece mucho a por lo que yo pase cuando mi nena estaba recien nacida. Yo fui a una consulta de LLLI porque no sabia que hacer y alli me ayudaron mucho. Tienes...
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    Re: Too late to increase supply???

    Just to add to what @maddieb mentioned on food.
    Foods that helped me increase supply: pearl barley and oatmeal.

    My mom made me some sort of barley milkshake and I drank one glass every day. It...
  24. Re: so sore after only 5 days what do I do?

    Hey there!
    Nothing to add to the advice above, all great, and based on my experience, yes, it is probably bad latch.
    I just wanted to give you a little tip that helped me ease the pain and heal...
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    Re: Diarrhea and first period?


    Not really, no I didn't find out what it was. But I'd agree with the information that other mamas provided here. I don't think it was the breastmilk. At this point she was eating different...
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