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    Re: I'm nursing toddlers again!!

    You are a rock star Krystine!! Congratulations! And Happy Birthday to your littles!!
  2. Re: Looking to vent and get some support

    Oh Hi Kim!! Good to see you!!
  3. Re: Nursing strike turning into weaning, mama not ready

    A one year is harder to figure out. Anytime before a year and I for sure would call it a strike. But right around one so many babies really naturally reduce their nursing because of all that is going...
  4. Re: Nursing strike turning into weaning, mama not ready

    If it IS a weaning strike you should have some luck getting her to latch while sleepy or sleeping. Have you tried that?
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    Re: Slowly weaning 9 month old

    OK. Hi. So really and truly, we are only talking about you being her sole nutrition for another 12 weeks. Do you think you can stick it out for 12 more weeks?
    The thing is between 9 and 10 months a...
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    Re: Solids at 4 Months???

    No. The answer to solids at 4months is NOPE.
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    Re: Out of options..

    But you can't. Babies cry. What you don't want to do is panic. Your baby is gaining well and you are making enough milk. Your struggles are related to your babies personality. She is just sensitive....
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    Re: Out of options..

    What you are describing is known as the witching hour. And most babies go through it. It doesn't have much to with your fast flow issue. A lot of babies are just inconsolable at that point in the...
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    Re: When to introduce a binkie

    If the need to suck is getting to you I offered my fingers if BOTH breasts had been offered and he still wanted to suck.
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    Re: no idea on how to wean 2 yr old!

    IMO yes. It's very hard and confusing to take away a childs' favorite thing when she doesn't have language. That's why I wouldn't have considered weaning that young. Because by two it was definitely...
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    Re: Getting very disheartened

    3hours is usually too long to wait. I feel like the only time my baby went 3hours without feeding was at nighttime when he was sleeping. During the day it was more like every hour.
  12. Re: Looking to vent and get some support

    Keep Pumping! Keep your supply up. I am going to see if I can get Kim to log in and talk to you. She had a preemie that she pumped exclusively for while the baby was in the Nicu and it took months at...
  13. Re: Why do I feel teeth all of a sudden.

    I find at that age it has to do with lazy latching. As they have gotten better and we as a dyads get comfortable and know they are getting milk we pay less attention and then as they get teeth we...
  14. Re: 92nd percentile to 9th percentile in 8 week old infant

    In the Op you don't talk about how many times a day you are feeding. Do you know? Can you count? Because Sometimes at this age something as simple as adding in 2 feeding a day can make a huge...
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    Re: Setting a Date to Wean

    Sort of. I mean my cut off Date was 4. And then Right after 4 because we were going on a trip on a plane and I wanted in my tool box while on vacation. But he wasn't ready when we came back and I let...
  16. Re: "Extended Breastfeeding" Statistics?

    I breastfed my son until he was 4.5 years old. He's 8. He still remembers it and talks about it.
  17. Re: 8 Months Pregnant--To Wean or Not to Wean my 22 Month Ol

    Oh I would hang on it you can. Having the toddler nurse can really help with engorgement and the arrival of a new baby is often so hard on a toddler as someone is literally stealing their mom right...
  18. Re: conflicted about my attachment to my baby

    Well....maybe that's it. Or MAYBE he's asking because he really misses you and wants some attention. They new family dynamic with a baby in the mix can leave husbands feeling left out and not sure...
  19. Re: How often does your 2-3 year old nurse?

    At 2 that age we were at 3-5 times in 24hours on average.
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    Re: Is return of AF imminent for me?

    Well with no birth control...it could have been implanatation bleeding. I would POS if your breast start to feel tender....
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    Re: Night out?

    You are already pumping so the baby has the feeds you will miss?
  22. Re: conflicted about my attachment to my baby

    Well I don't think you have to worry about the nutrients lost in freezing and reheating because you don't have to do that to have date night. I know it's less and I shared your feelings about it. Do...
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    Re: poop- how long is too long?

    Karo syrup. Get him to suck a little of that off of your finger. I never felt wonderful about giving him straight sugar....but it did the trick. I only used it twice. Once he went 9 days and I had...
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    Re: Going back to work PLUS Sleep training

    I think it's still important to respect the guidelines around sleep training if you choose to do it. In regards to it being compatible with successfully breastfeeding. Which is NOT to start until at...
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    Re: Time of day?

    With Mommal on this.
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