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    Re: Pumping, Feeding, Supply outputs

    I would also suggest, don't "save" a side for a later feeding if baby will take both. If you get home from work and baby wants to nurse on both breasts, let him!

    I personally did four 20 minute...
  2. Re: Need encouragement while baby is sick

    Oh, mama, I'm sorry your little one is so sick! My daughter has only been ill a few times in her life, but she also developed pneumonia when she was 5 months old. It was so scary.

    I think that...
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    Re: Weight gain frustrations

    Just for clarification purposes--if baby would nurse more frequently than every two hours, why is baby not nursing more frequently than every two hours? Is this a schedule that was imposed upon you...
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    Re: Pumping, Feeding, Supply outputs

    I have a couple of questions for you--is the "schedule" you describe something you have implemented, or is this something the baby has naturally demanded? Because it does seem to me as though baby...
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    Re: Allergies in Breastmilk

    Good luck with this, mama--I have a local mama friend whose son was recently diagnosed with EE, and his ONLY symptoms were poor weight gain and refusal to eat. They are still working out all of his...
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    Re: Sudden drop in production

    It is often hard for some moms to maintain the same level of pump output as the months go by. If you've replaced necessary pump parts, the next best solution is to add a pumping session into your...
  7. Re: EBF- Keeping Supply Up/ Pumping at work

    Yeah, that is pretty typical of what my pump outputs looked like at work. Which is why I am suggesting you squeeze in a fourth pump session if at all possible! That fourth session in my day yielded...
  8. Re: EBF- Keeping Supply Up/ Pumping at work

    How long is your separation from your baby?

    One suggestion I have would be to add a pumping session into your work day. I generally had a 9-9.5 hour daily separation from my infant, during...
  9. Re: Back to work. Supply decreasing!!! Please help

    Okay. 3 oz combined in a pumping session is normal output. It's the most I ever got when pumping at work, and many times I only got two oz at a time. So, what I would suggest is to add in a fourth...
  10. Re: Back to work. Supply decreasing!!! Please help

    Okay, I am going to answer with more questions so we can help you out.

    What pump are you using? How long are your pumping sessions? How much are you pumping right now? Does pumping feel okay? ...
  11. Re: How much expressed milk per bottle?

    How long are your work separations, mama? The general rule of thumb is that baby will need 1 to 1.5 oz of milk per hour of separation, so if you are separated for 8 hours, 10 oz of milk seems pretty...
  12. Re: Supply Issues during Baby-Led Weaning

    Just out of curiosity--do you think your baby might be getting upset because she is actually still thirsty when she's trying to nurse and she's not getting the amount of milk she wants?

    I am...
  13. Re: Weaning toddler to increase weight

    :ita I cannot for the life of me understand why the doctor would be so concerned about a possible pause in height between a 12 and 15 month visit. I, too, have a child whose height is nearly...
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    Re: I'm nursing toddlers again!!

    Congrats, krystine, and happy birthday to your little guys!
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    Re: Help with Daycare Schedule

    Hi mama!

    I would suggest that it sounds very much as though your baby was being overfed with bottles at your previous day care. The general rule of thumb is that baby needs 1-1.5 oz of milk per...
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    Re: Fussing during feed

    Older infants often get quite efficient and fast at feeding--an 8-10 minute feed on just one side sounds like a pretty long feed for a 5 month old, in my experience. Even if baby once took much...
  17. Re: EBF- Keeping Supply Up/ Pumping at work

    I'm pretty sure bfwmomof3 meant bottle. :) I would agree with her excellent advice, as well!
  18. Re: 2 years old and 2 years nursing today

    Wonderful! Happy birthday to Alex, and congratulations!
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    Re: 2.5oz Bottle?

    I always used the same 5 oz Medela bottles I pumped into at work. And I left 2 oz bottles for my daughter. It worked out just fine, and limited the likelihood that my mom (my nanny) would spill...
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    Re: Hormone Changes After Weaning

    I am sorry to hear that you have this diagnosis, mama. :hug I am glad though, that someone finally took you seriously and that now you have a diagnosis in hand to help you move forward and get the...
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    Re: saved breastmilk expiration help

    I think your class gave you really conservative guidelines--like PP said, in a "regular" freezer up to 6 months is generally fine, in a chest freezer, 12 months is more like it. I actually just gave...
  22. Re: No let-down with pump, getting discouraged

    Well, first of all, 2-3 oz per session is a normal amount, so it is very possible that you just don't have the degree of oversupply that you did with your first.

    That said, if you are having...
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    Re: When can I start pumping?

    Do you work in the US? Federal law mandates that employers provide their lactating moms with break time and a space to pump for the baby's first year. And in some states, this protection is even...
  24. Re: How Often to Give Practice Bottles?

    I personally would send the smaller sized bottles, then, if you know that your daycare is required to dump any unused milk 1 hour after heating it.

    I'm sure you know this already, but just...
  25. Re: 4 mo old baby replaced with overtired raccoon. PLS ADVIS

    I also promise you that it will get better. I'm positive that I had one of the most frequent night-nurslings on this entire board. We averaged 12-15 sessions from months 7-11 or so, and some of...
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