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  1. Re: constipation and nursing/solids

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    Re: 29 mo weaning question

    Yes counting down helped my son a lot. He still asks a bit but he's willing to stop without a tantrum so that's good progress for us. Dh usually reads books right after that and I hold his hand or...
  3. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

  4. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    My oldest wakes the baby up ALL the time. I really dislike the quick after dinner naps he gets so often. He's ready to sleep but ds1 won't settle for another hour or two so some loud noise is bound...
  5. Re: MIT breast pump hackathon winner

    I logged in today to post this! Sounds like some good progress is being made. Hope the momentum keeps up.
  6. Re: '6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!'

    How are you doing with the plugged ducts? I'd lean toward cutting sessions out slowly for that reason but it definitely sounds like you guys have found a good place to relax. I don't want you guys to...
  7. Re: Breastfeeding after having tubes tied

    Remember to contact infant risk with any questions you have regarding medications. Unfortunately, many doctors have no clue what the real guidelines are for nursing after anesthesia so many moms get...
  8. Re: 3.5 Week Old: Colic,Reflux or Overactive Letdown/Over Su


    Great advice above. So sorry you're dealing with this. I think my family is still traumatized by my youngest's fussiness. Hours of screaming...
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    Re: age and eating frequency

    I freaked out a bit at the decrease in my son's nursing frequency around this age, too! It seems like a common age for infants to be just to busy to nurse. Growth is also much slower than before so...
  10. Re: so sore after only 5 days what do I do?


    Great advice from the pp's. Here's a link with some tips on proper positioning. Take a...
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    Re: Nursing and sleep. !

    Another fantastic link with a ton of tips.
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    Re: Nursing and sleep. !


    Dr Sears states in his sleep book "If you resent it, change it." The key to weaning AP style is to stay with the child and help work through the...
  13. Re: Baby sleeping through the night!

    My youngest was this same way. It was such a beautiful change after his older brother's sleeping habits. Like tc lynx said my lo was regaining weight by 48 hours and nursing nearly hourly during the...
  14. Re: Drastically reduced supply due to illness?


    The first link describes a condition my youngest had that caused him to refuse the...
  15. Re: baby latches and unlatches over and over and over

    There can be some major downsides to nipple shields, though they are useful in certain...
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    Re: Need to increase milk supply

    Good advice above. This link will tell you how to gradually decrease the supplements. Definitely get started on very frequent milk removal....
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    Re: Toddler with a cold

    Sorry you're not feeling well! We got through a summer cold a few weeks back, only to turn around and catch hand, foot, and mouth disease. So not fun. My first course of action when anyone in the...
  18. Re: Newborn not staying awake to nurse

    Welcome mama! Congrats on your new baby! There are some great...
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    Re: Hygeia vs. Medela PISA pump

    Those were some of the reasons I chose the hygeia over the medela through insurance with this baby. I like the WHO compliance and the recycling aspects of the company. Parts do need to be ordered on...
  20. Re: Up all night feeding 5 mo, not sure I can keep this up

    Do you have a local LLL or other breastfeeding group? That's a great place to find the right kindo of friends to complain to about this.
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    Re: Lost supply on one side?

    It's estimated that 70-80% of women lose their supply during pregnancy. This can happen really early in the first trimester. The book Adventures in Tandem Nursing by Hillary Flower is a great...
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    Re: Help For My Wife

    The newborn stage is incredibly demanding. This link describes why babies need so much contact and simple ways to help them adjust to life. My...
  23. Re: baby latches and unlatches over and over and over

    My lo did this all the time as a newborn. Sometimes he is trying to stimulate a let down. I have plenty of milk. He just wants it faster. Sometimes he's had enough and needs to burp. Sometimes he's...
  24. Re: Breastfeeding and pumping questions for a 3 week old

    Links are not working properly today.
  25. Re: Breastfeeding and pumping questions for a 3 week old

    Please read this article on newborn sleep training. It's directed specifically at the authors of a new born sleep training book. It's explains...
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