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  1. Re: Going back to work, pumping time questions

    I agree with PP to make sure you are feeding on demand and not by the clock. Also, my kids have never been consistent. Just because they ate at 6 AM and then 9 AM (for example) for a week, didn't...
  2. Re: 'Following a letdown' when pumping?

    Mine is from 2012, and the button lets me switch both ways. I find it quite useful. If I notice my letdown has started, I switch to regular mode early because I think that is more efficient. And then...
  3. Re: 'Following a letdown' when pumping?

    Sorry, duplicate post.
  4. Re: 'Following a letdown' when pumping?

    You know there is a let-down button on the PISA, right? It is the one button on the front and switches between let-down mode and regular mode. It is still hitting a button every 2 minutes, but better...
  5. Re: Baby Refusing Bottle During Specific Feeding Only

    I have to agree with the PP, if baby doesn't want a bottle, I don't see why it is a problem to wait and try again later. Maybe they are misreading the cues? My DD would start rooting and sucking on...
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    Re: Am I nursing too often?

    Maybe I am off on my terminology. I thought a letdown was just when milk started coming out. And therefore you had to have had a letdown in order to pump 2 oz? But someone else was telling me almost...
  7. Re: 6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!

    Well done! Congratulations on getting this far.
  8. Re: Pumping & Storage technique question?? Help!

    My daycare requires that breastmilk bottles come ready to go. They will not even swap a bottle top for a nipple. And secondly, I wouldn't trust them to know how much to feed my baby. They are so used...
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    Re: Mama losing too much weight?

    I lost a lot of weight when I was BF'ing my first. I was 10 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight at my 6 week checkup (so lost 35 pounds) and lost another 20 pounds by the time I went back to work....
  10. Re: Am I leaving enough milk for when I'm at work?

    IME, pump output at work is a terrible indication on what my kids eat. I pump 18-20oz. My son used to take 15; my daughter takes 7-10. Both were a 12 hour separation. I have a recent thread about...
  11. Re: Nipple soreness after pumping--please help!

    I went through several sizes of shields when I pumped for my son. I was fitted with Large in the hospital, needed medium by the time I went back to work, and had to switch to small by 9 months. Now...
  12. Re: Short feedings and weight gain questions

    It is early, so maybe I am doing something wrong, but how are you getting 4.8 oz per week? If I use the last 2 data points, I see 14oz in 15 days, which is like 1oz per day without a calculator. If I...
  13. Re: Pump Output Does Not Match Consumption

    Ha ha ha ha...
    I laughed so hard when I read this. You have severely overestimated my culinary skills.

    I haven't made any changes yet. She sees the dr next week, and I want to make sure her...
  14. Re: Change in BFing between baby 1 and baby 2?

    I have a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old. I was terrified of nursing a newborn the 2nd time around because we had so many problems getting my first to latch. No 2 kids are alike and therefore no 2...
  15. Pump Output Does Not Match Consumption

    DD is 3.5 months, and I have been back at work 1.5 weeks. In that time, I have had to freeze about 100 oz because my pump output is so far out of sync with her consumption.

    I pump 3 times a day....
  16. Re: How does DH/MIL replace comfort nursing when I'm at work

    My DH and I had a very similar discussion when DS was about that age. (He is 2 now.) I got really mad at him over it because to me, it sounded like he didn't want me to comfort nurse because he...
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    Re: How to Dreamfeed?

    I guess my concern is that I will be at work before her morning feed (if her sleep pattern holds). And I would rather dream feed than pump, but we shall see what her thoughts on the matter are. I...
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    How to Dreamfeed?

    DD is just shy of 3 months. She usually eats around 7-8 PM, around 12-1, and around 6-7 AM. She doesn't always sleep through those long stretches, but if she wakes up during those times, she usually...
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    Re: when to start pumping?

    I am going back to work soon. I started pumping about 3 weeks before I will go back. I now pump a couple ounces a few times a week. I had about 25 ounces in the freezer when I went back to work after...
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    Re: Outing with breast milk bottle?

    This is basically what we did. Keep the bottle in a cooler until LO is ready for it, and then heat it up. If you are at a restaurant, they will bring you a cup of hot water. Once when traveling, we...
  21. Re: 6 month old will only take bottle from DH

    Have you asked your DH how he gives the bottles? My DH insists on doing it on the same pillows I nurse on. Maybe you can find some detail like that which will help? At 6 months, does she hold her own...
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    Re: going back to work -- worried

    I have been there. My son was the same way as a baby. He is now 2. He never took a pacifier, although DH tried like crazy. I was so worried I sent pacifiers to day care and they tried, but he still...
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    Re: Wean Preparation & Mixed Feelings

    I know this is a little old, but I wanted to answer the sleep question. In my case, night weaning made nights worse. DS went from waking up for ~15 minutes 1-2 times per night to waking up only once...
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    Re: Teacher Back To Work at 16 Months

    I am not a teacher, but I stopped pumping at work at 16 months. I never noticed any supply issues on weekends. Many moms stop pumping at a year and continue to nurse on weekends. My understanding is...
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    Re: 2.5oz Bottle?

    I remember reading somewhere, that a 'tip' for sending milk to day care was to use small bottles so that it didn't look like a small portion. But given the bottle selection in stores, that tip must...
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